Best Table Lamps of 2024


Image Product Size Weight Price
TaoTronics Stylish Metal LED Desk Lamp TaoTronics Stylish Metal LED Desk Lamp 18.9 x 5.3 x 17.2 inches 4.43 pounds $$
TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp 16.9 x 7.1 x 7.1 inches 1.84 pounds $
Lampat LED Desk Lamp Lampat LED Desk Lamp 18.5 x 7 x 2.5 inches 2.9 pounds $
Fugetek LED Desk Lamp FT-L798 Fugetek LED Desk Lamp FT-L798 12.5 x 8 x 16.5 inches 3 pounds $
Tenergy 11W Dimmable Desk Lamp Tenergy 11W Dimmable Desk Lamp 17.5 x 7.2 x 3 inches 3.2 pounds $

Having a beautiful manicure is probably one of the most important things for a woman, and one of the most difficult ones to both accomplish and keep. Even if the manicure is homemade, it still requires the best table lamp to get it right. There’s nothing more infuriating than getting your nails done with nail polish all over the fingers. Getting nail art requires attention to details and a tone of patience.

One object that is very important for the quality of the nail art is the table lamp. Choosing a table lamp is not a supply purchase, but more of an investment that it will help you while attracting new clients with your fancy devices. Sometimes appearance is more important than the essence: every woman knows that since she is working so hard on her debut.

Other than that the choosing one of the best table lamps will make your job easier, not matter if you are working on your nails or for a client. A table lamp is an object you will use for long term if chosen wisely. You will have to be careful with the features you are promised and the price you will pay. The ratio has to be almost equal to make a good deal.

There are many models on the market, but not all of them can provide the best environment for high-quality nail art. Therefore today we are going to analyze and compare five different table lamps, our best table lamps – as you will see the reviews speak for itself. 

TaoTronics Stylish Metal LED Desk Lamp contains a massive base that offers excellent stability on the table with minimum accident risks. It also allows an easy adjustment when you are working with such small pieces that require your maximum attention like nails. When you are using it many times or hours per day, you tend to become aware that the fingerprints are anesthetics, luckily for those of you who think the same this table lamp comes with a fingerprint resistance. Other than that, it offers various light settings so you can work at your own pace, with the desired light intensity and even saving the last used model. A professional requires a simple table where to put a couple of items.

One of the best table lamps has a minimalist design that will perfectly fit into the salon. Efficiency and fast working style meet when the table lamp is adjustable due to a rotating head to offer the best possible lighting. The rotating head, along with the other components contain high-quality materials that provide the best experience. This table lamp also has a timer. When it comes to gel appliance or other nail art, adjusting the light bright is essential. The glass touch will help you even with that. Another advantage of using this lamp is that you can charge the smartphone to the USB cable that is connected to the table lamp. One disadvantage is that it seems to heat when used for a long time at the brightest mode.

What’s to like?

  • It is heavy and steady on the table
  • It allows easy adjustment
  • It is fingerprint resistant
  • It offers numerous light settings
  • It saves what you last used
  • It has a rotating head
  • It has a beautiful minimalist design
  • It contains high-quality materials
  • It has a timer
  • It includes a glass touchpad for bright changing
  • It also has a USB connector on the side

What’s not to like?

  • It increases its temperature while using the brightest light

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As a professional, you will need the best devices, so a sturdy table lamp is the first thing that pops into your mind. Even professionals know how much importance the table lamp has. Trying your best to create a nail art will put a lot of tension on your eyes. In the beginning, you don’t seem to notice, but after a couple of hours, it will be harder and harder to focus and keep from bursting into tears. Fortunately, this lamp cares for your eyes – it offers a flicker-free lighting mode suitable for anything that requires your highest attention and focus.

When you need to focus the light must fall precisely on the spot you work on, this is why this table lamp will offer you a consistent oval of light which can be both cold white or warm yellow. You can change the brightness in 5 settings up to the very bright. Using it will show you how versatile it is: you can bend it in many ways and still comfortably use it. Since the nail art will take time to accomplish, in the meanwhile you can charge your phone or tablet through the USB port that’s behind the stem. All in one, it offers all these advantages at an accessible price. One disadvantage is that it is shipped in a dense, non-recyclable foam.

What’s to like?

  • It offers a flicker-free lighting mode
  • It has a consistent oval of light
  • It contains aluminum which makes it look sturdy
  • It comes with two light colors: white and yellow
  • It is versatile: it can be bent in various ways
  • It has five settings for changing the light intensity
  • It offers a bright light
  • It has a USB port behind the stem
  • It has an accessible price

What’s not to like?

  • It is shipped in a dense, non-recyclable foam

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Lampat LED Desk Lamp is a sturdy, yet not a heavy table lamp that you can use while getting your nail masterpiece at home or salon. You can use the light timer for 60 minutes while adjusting the brightness with the UP and DOWN button. As you can see, this lamp is very easy to use, and if something goes wrong, you have a great warranty that covers almost anything to count on. The design is a shiny black plastic that offers a modern design. You can use it at home for creating your mani-pedi or at the salon, making other women look and feel fabulous. If you are a LED fan, then you will be happy to hear that this lamp works on LED technology.

Women that work as a nail technician at a salon spend most of their time at work. For them, the manufacturer has implemented a USB port so they can charge the smartphone while working. They can even charge the client’s smartphone. Another thing to like is that this table lamp comes at a reasonable price. This way you can find it accessible to buy one for yourself or someone else as a gift. A disadvantage might be the thing that it does not come with cleaning instructions, so you have to figure it out for yourself.

What’s to like?

  • It contains a UP/DOWN button for setting the brightness
  • It comes with a light timer of 60 min
  • It is sturdy, but not heavy
  • It is easy to use
  • It has a great warranty
  • It comes with a USB port on the side of the unit
  • It contains shiny black plastic for a modern design
  • It works on LED technology
  • It is reasonably priced

What’s not to like?

  • It does not come with cleaning instructions.

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Fugetek LED Desk Lamp has a modern design and reduced dimensions which make it perfectly fit for either salon or home use. You can turn it on/off with one touch. A nail technician knows the importance of a clean and un-cluttered table because it leaves space for him to work at his best.

It works in 4 lighting modes so it can fit your needs and you can also adjust the brightness into one of the five available settings. It is a stable lamp due to its sturdy base, while not heavy; these features make it easy both to assemble and use. Another benefit of this table lamp is that it has a high arm making it suitable for your needs. Whenever you need to charge your phone, you can use the available USB port. All in one, it offers all these benefits for a reasonable price. One disadvantage is that it can make a buzzing noise while turned off, so it’s better to unplug it when not used.

What’s to like?

  • It has a modern design
  • It is one touch turn on/off
  • It has reduced dimensions
  • It has four lighting modes
  • It has five brightness settings
  • It has a sturdy base
  • It comes with a tall arm
  • It is easy to use and assemble
  • It has a USB port
  • It is reasonably priced

What’s not to like?

  • It can make a buzzing noise when turned off

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Tenergy 11W Dimmable Desk Lamp comes with a gloss piano finish which offers a modern design: a massive base that keeps from tipping, the switches work like a miracle with one single touch. For some parts of your nail art, you will need a certain level of brightness, and this lamp can offer the desired mode and brightness level. It will also retain the selected mode for future use. The light it provides is LED, and it also comes with a USB charger that is useful in any situation.

A nail technician knows how difficult is to work with a messy table, so this lamp requires minimal space and leaves enough room for the other utensils you may use: gel nail polish, nail remover, many nail clippers, foot files, cuticle nippers,  and so on. One disadvantage is that the material shows fingerprints once touched and it needs proper cleaning.

What’s to like?

  • It is a gloss piano finish – modern design
  • It has a massive base to keep from tipping
  • It has good touch switches
  • It has brightness controls for both level and mode
  • It retains the selected mode
  • It has LED light
  • It has a USB charger
  • It needs minimal space on the table

What’s not to like?

  • It leaves fingerprints

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Given the facts, buying a table lamp is an investment that is meant to both help you do your job right, get the best possible results, and to attract new clients. First of all, you will get aid for your eyes so they won’t struggle while trying to get you that corner shadow you are looking for. Second, the room or salon design will get an improvement with a modern device that offers both style and utility. Third, any new features of the table lamp will be worth the money when the table lamp price will bring a higher return on the investment. Homemade manicure requires a high-quality set of products to ensure you that your nails will be correctly done or at least you know you tried creating a nail art using the best products.

Choosing one of the best table lamps for your homemade manicure or salon services is one of the ways to invest in the future, in quality results, therefore in big smiles and happy clients. We have included both reasonable and higher priced products so that every nail technician can choose the one that suits her/his needs and budget. All we can do now is to advise you to consider both the pros and cons of every product and using all the given information to take the best possible purchase decision!

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How to choose the Best Table Lamps of the market?


1. TaoTronics Stylish Metal LED Desk Lamp
2. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp
3. Lampat LED Desk Lamp
4. Fugetek LED Desk Lamp FT-L798
5. Tenergy 11W Dimmable Desk Lamp

Final words about the Best Table Lamps

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The author of this review is Zoe Carter, an experienced Nail Technician.

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TaoTronics Stylish Metal LED Desk Lamp
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