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Best Nail Polish Brands

Best Nail Polish Brands of 2019

Nowadays, one can hardly say that there is only one best nail polish brand. If, in the past, all manicurists would have recommended one or two main brands that had the ability to offer the highest quality results, the number of manufacturers that focus on quality is way higher these days. Therefore, it is almost impossible to award one brand only with the title of the ultimate, most impressive nail polish seller. While some brands sell products that have amazing color density, great shades and...

Best Acrylic Nail Kit

Best Acrylic Nail Kit of 2019

A woman’s nails are an important detail that defines her. Everyone appreciates beautiful hands with nails that are well-cared, regardless of the style. They represent the level of respect that a woman has for herself and much more. They complete a certain style, they express her personality and show how much she cares about beauty. Today’s beauty industry is way more developed than it was 10 years ago, so women have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to manicure. There are plenty...

Best Cuticle Nipper

Best Cuticle Nipper of 2019

There are a few accessories that every woman or nail artist needs in order to obtain the best manicure. The cuticle nipper is among the essential accessories that must exist in a manicure set, as it helps clean and prepare the nails for an impeccable look. Although it seems easy to simply buy the best cuticle nipper, there are a few details that one must know about these products. Nippers come in various sizes, such as 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2. Also, full jaw-sized nippers can be a good option. Except...

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