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Best Acrylic Powder and Liquid for Nails

Best Acrylic Powder and Liquid for Nails of 2020

Acrylic nail art is a beautiful manicure that takes lots of time to create, and it should be long lasting otherwise it is not worth the costs and the time you invest. Creating something genuinely spectacular requires hard work, determination and last but not finally, quality products. These quality products usually mean a quality acrylic powder and acrylic liquid. They must ensure that the acrylic nails you are creating for your clients or yourself are lasting as long as possible while looking...

Gel Nails vs Acrylics: Battle of the Manicures

Gel Nails vs Acrylics: Battle of the Manicures

We have seen lots of debates on the subject of fake nails in general, but when it comes to choosing which service to get, which is better, healthier or at least less damaging, people tend to confuse things. Which is better? Acrylic or gel nails? We decided to solve this mystery once and for all and help you understand the difference between these systems, so the next time you go into a salon, you would know what to ask for, confidently. If you are doing your nails at home, it is just as...

Best Acrylic Nail Kit

Best Acrylic Nail Kit of 2020

A woman’s nails are an important detail that defines her. Everyone appreciates beautiful hands with nails that are well-cared, regardless of the style. They represent the level of respect that a woman has for herself and much more. They complete a certain style, they express her personality and show how much she cares about beauty. Today’s beauty industry is way more developed than it was 10 years ago, so women have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to manicure. There are plenty...

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