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Best Top Coat

Best Top Coat of 2019

Nails look is a women’s business card wherever she goes. Although it is so important, most of the women can’t say they enjoy getting the nails done. They put a hard work there, lots of attention to make them look fabulous and one minute later the classy manicure is gone. It takes a chipped nail or a broken one to ruin everything. Usually men don’t think nails aspect is crucial for a woman’s look, but in essence, it is. Ask every recruiter, headhunter or manager if they judge a person by...

Best Foot File

Best Foot File of 2019

Having a full pedicure set at home that you can use whenever you want to take care of your feet is extremely important. Although some women book pedicure sessions at their favorite salons regularly, there are times when a little intervention is necessary. Such a set must include one of the best foot files that you can find. It is the one tool that can turn dry, callused skin into soft and smooth, leaving it beautiful and sexy. Dry heels and callused skin is nowhere near sexy and you know it....

Best Gel Nail Polish Brands

Best Gel Nail Polish Brands of 2019

Having your manicure using the best gel nail polish is extremely important. There are a lot of factors that might influence the aesthetics of your nails. Depending on the brand that your manicurist or you use, your nails’ aspect could differ. Some brands have slightly better pigmented gels, glossier or intensely colored. Others, on the other hand, might be creating them in such a way so that they obtain translucent, glittery or pearlescent colors. However, the density of the gel, its...

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