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VAGA Manicure Set Nail Art Supplies Nail Kit 2 VAGA Manicure Set Nail Art Supplies Nail Kit 2 SET INCLUDES: 3D nail jewels rhinestones for nails, wax pen, , nail art stamping kit, nail stamper STAMPING TOOLS: VAGA nail stamps plates kit with stamper, a clear jelly stamper in purple color $$
Biutee 19pcs Nail Stamp Plates set 15 plate Biutee 19pcs Nail Stamp Plates set 15 plate Function: For nail art polish transfer design This link included 15pcs 12*6cm nail plates+ 1 stamper +2scraper+1storage bag $$
Ejiubas Nail Stamper Stamping Plates Nail Stamping Kit Ejiubas Nail Stamper Stamping Plates Nail Stamping Kit Double-sided Design & NO More Lining Up Issues Video Support & Fast Shipping $$
BeautyLeader Mix Designs Nail Plates BeautyLeader Mix Designs Nail Plates There are 10 pcs different design (about 6x6 cm). The green stamper is rubber. $$
Bellelfin Nail Art Stamping Kit Bellelfin Nail Art Stamping Kit 4Pcs Rectangle Stamping Plate, 1set Stamper and Scraper, 1 wheel nail rhinestone, 2 sheets nail stickers decal Comes with 4 templates. Have more than 80 different design ensures your unique experience of nail art $$

Long before being done with today’s technologies and techniques, manicures used to play a significant role in a person's life. While the earliest materials of nail painting originated in Babylonia, almost 4000 years ago, in time, ingredients have evolved into what we know today as nail polish.

In the beginning, the most common ingredients used for nail painting were beeswax, kohl, different greases and vegetal pigments, with the introduction of nail polish happening only in 1916. The colors chosen for painting nails (done by women as well as men) were different and were symbolizing different social statuses. In ancient times, Babylonian warriors used intense colors such as black and green. In China, the high society wore red as opposed to the lower class that wore nude and light colors.

Moreover, when the classic nail polish was invented, the more natural shades such as rose, coral or ruby were preferred. The red polish was made popular only in the '50s by Hollywood actresses. Since then and until present days, nail polishes have evolved into no less than 13 types of finishes and thousands of shades, from the most natural one to every exotic color you can imagine.

With the evolution of the shade supply, there is no wonder that women wanted their nails more and more embellished and often went to manicure salons to obtain the design they wanted.  The art of the manicurists has become more and more popular and the nails have become a canvas for expressing creativity. For the longest time, women went to specially trained people for the most unique, freehanded designs, but all of that changed when, in 2002, nail stamping was invented. 

This meant that you could do your nails at home without the hassle of going to a salon or fear of not having the same results. Nail stamping has made life much easier for those that are passionate about decorating their own nails and like to change manicures often. 

What should I know about nail stamping?

It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s definitely very diverse and everybody can do it. With a little practice and a few tools, you can get a fun, unique manicure each time. 
What do I need to start with?

You will need a kit made up of a stamper (they usually come with a jelly or a rubberized head), a scraper (if it is not provided in the kit, you can also use an old card – sometimes it works better) and of course the stamping plates that come with numerous designs, so choose one of your liking. The stamping plates are usually made of stainless steel and are etched with different designs, made to suit the whole nail or just add a fun accent. 

Does it need any preparation?

As with every new technique, it might need some practice ahead. You can start by stamping your designs on paper before trying on the nails, just until you get the hang of it.

Also, remember that after each stamp, you will need to clean the stamping plates with some acetone or nail polish remover. Some of the stamps that come with the kit might need preparation as well, so according to the instructions provided, you might want to give them a gentle buff with a fine file or just wash them with soap and water.

How do I choose the best nail stamping kit for me?

Online you will find many variations of stamping kits, from the simpler ones that only include the stamper, the scraper and a number of stamping plates to the ones that include all sorts of accessories such as rhinestones, crystals, nail stickers, brushes and dotting tools.

If you are in the market of purchasing a professional nail stamping kit, let’s take a look at some options:

Made specifically for nail art lovers, you can surely let your creativity flow with this manicure set. Being the of the best equipped nail stamping kits, VAGA offers you nail jewels and gems, a white picker pencil made for picking up crystals, dotting tools with different sizes, fifteen brushes in different styles all to complete your designs made with the stamp. 

They also include 10 stamping plates, a clear head stamper and a scraper, so you can achieve the craziest models that you can imagine.

This is suitable for beginners as well for experienced users, with a numerous selection of models that you can choose from. The plates are engraved with large designs that you can stamp on your entire nail, as well as with smaller ones that make great accents with minimal effort. Take it a step further and you can also freehand your own models with one of the brushes or dotting tools provided, topping it off with some crystals or gems.

Like every other tool, this one needs a little practicing as well, especially if you are a beginner. Take your time, experiment and play. Whether you are choosing to use one of the numerous brushes provided in the kit, one of the dotting tools or just add some rhinestones to your manicure, you are granted to end up with a beautiful result.


  • Multiple accessories (brushes, dotting tools, rhinestones);

  • Stamping plates with various models;

  • Good engraving in the plates.


  • Rhinestones and crystals might not last on the nail unless secured with some glue;

  • Takes some practicing.

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Containing 15 plates with more than one hundred designs for you to choose from, this is the set you need to quench your thirst for creative manicures. This kit also comes with one stamper, one scraper and one storage bag so you can keep all your plates in one place without worrying about losing them.

The plates are well etched, with multiple designs, suited for long nail beds as well as short ones, or even for your toenails. Just pick one of them and start stamping! As a tip, always make sure that the polish you are using is not quick drying and it has more of a thick consistency (you can also use special nail polishes for stamping).

Before diving into this kit and start having fun, make sure you check out the instructions and follow the directions for prepping the stamp. This could save you the hassle of not succeeding from your first try. Also, after some time, you should be considering replacing the stamper, as they do not have quite a long life.


  • A lot of plates designs;

  • Good engraving in the plates;

  • Storage bag;


  • Stamper needs to be prepped before usage;

  • Stampers do not last very long.

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Besides the regular clear nail stamper and scraper that come in most of the set, you also get three double-sided stamping plates with this one. Made from high-quality stainless steel, so they do not bend, the plates have sandy edges to prevent hurting. 

The clear jelly stamper makes it easier for you to see where to place the design on your nail; moreover, all the designs are the appropriate size to fit most nail sizes. Ejiubas also offers video support with lots of tutorials on Youtube and Instagram to help guide you get the most beautiful results.

While it can take a little practice, like every other set of this kind (if you have troubles at the beginning, you can try stamping first on a piece of paper to get the hang of it), you have many beautiful designs to choose from. Make sure you always choose the right polish as not all of them are suited for this purpose and start trying, as this stamper does not need prepping beforehand.

The stamper that comes with the set is made of a jelly-like material, so sometimes, this might fall; this is one aspect that you might want to look into and perhaps order a back-up of the stamper. You might also need to adjust the speed of scraping and the way you pick up the design, but this can be easily fixed with some practice.


  • Well etched plates;

  • Diversity of designs on the double-sided plates;

  • Sturdy stainless steel plates;

  • Easy and fast to use.


  • Stamper might break after a short period of usage.

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If you are on the market to look for a new nail stamping set or if you just want to try this technique, you might want to look at this BeautyLeader set. You will get 10 plates, each of them with 9 designs, different sizes depending on your preferences and nail length. The set also includes a scraper and a stamper made of rubber.

While this might look like a standard set, the designs and the quality of the plates will surely win your heart. Made for both professional and personal use, this is the set to practice onto as it always you to make the designs with different types of polishes, including gel ones.

If you are not used to the type of scraper the set comes with, you can easily replace it with an old plastic card. Also, make sure you handle them carefully as the edges can sometimes be sharp.


  • Beautiful designs made to fit most nail lengths;

  • Rubber stamper that picks up image easily;

  • Affordable price.


  • Sharp-edged plates;

  • Scraper can be a little tricky to use.

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If you are overwhelmed by the sets that offer you a lot of accessories, but you want to try more than the stamping technique, this might be the one for you. It contains four stamping plates, with over 80 designs to choose from, one set including stamper and scraper, one wheel of colored rhinestones and two sheets of water transfer stickers.

With loads of accessories in this kit, you are set to start your journey in the nail stamping world. The plates are sturdy, well-etched and of good quality. The designs are created in such a way in which to fit all nail sizes and tastes. If you want to embellish your nails even more, you can use the water stickers provided or just add some rhinestones. The stones can also be used for DIY projects, such as decorating your phone case, fantasy make-up or body art.

In regards to the polish that needs to be used with the plates, make sure it is of a thicker consistency and of a saturated color so the designs can show up properly. Also, like the seller advises, you need to pay attention to the plates' edges as they might be sharp and cause knicks.


  • Good quality plates that are well-etched;

  • A lot of accessories for an affordable price.


  • Sharp edges to the plates;

  • Stamper needs to be prepped beforehand.

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If you already decided what is the best nail stamping kit for you, but you are still unsure of where to start, check some suggestions below that might help you.

What is the best nail stamping polish?

You can use any nail polish for this technique; however, the ones made especially for it are usually thicker, packed with pigment and dry faster. So, if you don't want to invest in some new polishes as well, you can check your older polishes to see which one thickened up a little. Also, remember that on light nails, the dark shades will be more visible when stamped and vice versa, the light (and pigmented) shades are appropriate to be stamped on dark nails.

Can I reuse my stamping plates?

Yes! The stamping plates are made of stainless steel and as long as they are cleaned and properly maintained, you can use them indefinitely.

What is reverse nail stamping?

If you are still struggling to find the right technique of stamping, you should know that you could also make a "decal", meaning that you can stamp the design on the stamper, color or add any details if desired, let it dry and then apply a clear topcoat. Once the topcoat is fully dried, you can pick it up and place it on your nail in the desired position. Adjust it and cut any excess and seal with a layer of topcoat applied directly to the nail.

What are the advantages of using the nail stamping technique?

While in the past you had to go to specialized manicure salons, now you can achieve that look at home without need a special professional nail stamping kit or too much skill. The advantage of having the stainless steel plates is the fact that you can create endless designs on your own and you will be guaranteed that you will obtain a salon-like result in the comfort of your house. 

Remember that every success comes after practicing, so if you feel you need more help on this technique, do not hesitate to rely on the multitude of tutorials found online. The most critical element in this technique is speed. Once you have practiced it a few times (start on paper if unsure), you will be faster and more precise. Also, make sure that you have the right nail polish, otherwise, your designs might not come out the way you want. Remember that the best nail stamping polish is thick and opaque.

Hopefully, you found the recommendations and tips helpful and you will dive into the world of nail stamping which offers so much room to play and have fun. Just let your imagination run wild!

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1. VAGA Manicure Set Nail Art Supplies Nail Kit 2
2. Biutee 19pcs Nail Stamp Plates set 15 plate
3. Ejiubas Nail Stamper Stamping Plates Nail Stamping Kit
4. BeautyLeader Mix Designs Nail Plates
5. Bellelfin Nail Art Stamping Kit

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1VAGA Manicure Set Nail Art Supplies Nail Kit 2
VAGA Manicure Set Nail Art Supplies Nail Kit 2
2Biutee 19pcs Nail Stamp Plates set 15 plate
Biutee 19pcs Nail Stamp Plates set 15 plate
3Ejiubas Nail Stamper Stamping Plates Nail Stamping Kit
Ejiubas Nail Stamper Stamping Plates Nail Stamping Kit