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Image Product Size Weight Price
Best Air Nail Dryer -  Makartt Professional Air Nail Fan Blow Dryer Best Air Nail Dryer - Makartt Professional Air Nail Fan Blow Dryer 11.8 x 10.6 x 7.5 inches 4.2 pounds $$
Best UV lamp Nail Dryer -  NailStar Professional 36 Watt UV Nail Dryer Best UV lamp Nail Dryer - NailStar Professional 36 Watt UV Nail Dryer 9.4 x 8.6 x 4 inches 2.4 pounds $
Best LED Lamp Nail Dryer - SUNUV 24W UV Light LED Nail Dryer Best LED Lamp Nail Dryer - SUNUV 24W UV Light LED Nail Dryer 8.3 x 3 x 4.8 inches 15.5 ounces $
Best Nail Dryer Spray - Creative Nail Design’s Solarspeed Spray Best Nail Dryer Spray - Creative Nail Design’s Solarspeed Spray 1.8 x 1.8 x 5 inches 1.92 ounces $
Best Drip Nail Dryer - OPI Drip Dry Best Drip Nail Dryer - OPI Drip Dry 1.9 x 1.6 x 6 inches 0.32 ounces $

With all this continuous moving around, solving issues, working, meeting deadlines, one barely finds time for self-care. It is essential for an individual to have a moment for himself in order to keep the right pace and a positive mindset though. 
For women, pretty nails are a boost of self-confidence, beauty, and proof of proper hygiene. But maintaining well-polished claws can be a real ordeal sometimes, with all the smudges, unwittingly colored clothes, and denting caused by the slow drying process. 
That being said, here is a buying guide that will give you important insight into the main characteristics of a good nail dryer and on the utility of such products.

What Are The Benefits Of Using a Professional Nail Dryer?

So, whether you are a professional nail technician or you just prefer to do your nails at home, by yourself, you are definitely going to need a quick nail dryer. 
There are many benefits to using a professional nail dryer. For instance, consider the time spent waiting for the polish to dry itself. Now that’s a good reason to give up painting your nails for good. Kidding.
A professional dryer will significantly reduce the time spent in drying your nails to less than ten minutes, which is a big win for you.
A professional nail dryer is not just a whim for a manicurist working in a professional salon, it is rather a must. One could never get to handle so many clients on a daily basis without the appropriate equipment. Also, how satisfied would clients be if they would have to wait for hours to get a manicure or/ and  pedicure done? We thought so.
Also, using a nail dryer prevents smearing or smudging, or any other accidents that could damage your manicure. In exchange, you will look fresh for days, even weeks.
Before we go into detail, let’s narrow down the types of nail dryers available on the market.
Types of Nail Dryers Available On The Market

1. Quick-dry Topcoat 

Manual nail dryers are a perfect option for those who want a quick solution without making use of electricity or any gadget whatsoever. Whether it’s an OPI nail dryer spray or an oil-based treatment, with a few drops applied over the nail polish and only after two minutes of waiting for the solution to dry you are ready to go. Keep in mind though that topcoat may peel off after a while, they do not have the same long-term efficiency as lamps.

2. LED Lamps

LED Lamps are the most notorious and the most expensive on the market. They are perfect for gel and semi-permanent manicure. Yet, LED lamps do not cure all types of gel polish brands though, so keep that in mind before making the purchase.
Basically, this LED nail dryer gives you the right amount of heat to dry your freshly painted nails. Given the low-intensity illumination, it is completely safe to use; plus, in about 30 seconds you are all set. 

3. UV Lamps 

With a five-month lifespan and cheaper than LED lamps, UV Lamps are considered top-performing. They can cure any type of semi-permanent and gel manicure. UV lamps are mostly used by professionals in beauty salons, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot invest in one yourself as a non-professional. 
A UV lamp uses electricity, just like LED lamps, and fixes your manicure in one minute max. Yes, you read that right. In such a short time, you are good to go. 
Given the brief exposure, UV lamps are safe to use. Not by kids, though.

4. LED + UV Lamps

As you can imagine – and if you cannot, then we’ll tell you – this is the bomb. The best combination. The ultimate LED + UV lamp is the best professional option for nail technicians. It is best equipped, as it is a combo of the best two products on the market. The fact that it adds the best features makes the product the most expensive, but for a salon, it pays off. Given its complexity and its efficiency, it is much more powerful, it can go up to 240 voltage, and a three-timer for your choice – 30, 60, or 90 seconds. 
It is lighter than a UV lamp, easy to clean, is packed with an automated sensor, and can dry from UV gel to UV topcoat, LED nail gel, UV builder gel. It is not used for regular polish though.

5. Air Nail Dryers

This professional solution does not require LED nor UV, it is completely air-based. It uses warm and cool air drying for hands and feet, but keep in mind that it is recommended for regular nail polish only. So, you are a gel or semi-permanent fan, you should stick to LED or UV. 
Air nail dryers are completely safe to use around children, are equipped with a ventilation hole to keep them from overheating, and require two to three minutes to dry your regular manicure.

So, we can agree that all types of nail dryers carry out pretty much the same role, but there are some technical differences that one should know before making a decision. Here are the main features to consider before buying your perfect nail dryer:

Features To Consider Before Buying The Best Nail Dryer

1). Size

First of all, you should decide if you want a portable air dryer or not. Or both. Because they come in different shapes and sizes. For the most practical or on the run, topcoat can be easily packed in your luggage and you can take them with you anywhere – when you are ready to leave for holidays, when you’ve packed for a conference abroad, or when you simply don’t have enough room for another gadget inside your house. Remember, though, those only work for a regular manicure.
Most of the LED lamps, UV lamps, and mostly air nail dryers are much bigger and require much more room. Also, they are harder to carry, even though their features make them more professional and more effective long-term. Those are perfect for home or salon use. 
Still, if you want semi-perm or gel, there is a mid-way solution: some producers have created small LED lamps that can be transported with ease and that occupy less room than usual ones. Of course, you can opt for both on-the-go and static solutions just to be sure.

2). Technical Features

Some LED lamps come packed with temporizers, 30 LEDs, up to 48W of power; some UV lamps have mirrors on the inside ensuring a smooth dryness of the nails and can get to 36W of power. 
LED lamps take less time to dry nail polish than UV lamps, while topcoat and air nail dryers take even more. 

3). Your Budget

While regular nail dryers are much more affordable than lamps, they can only be used for regular nail polish. So, if you are not into gel or semi-perm, then any of the two will do.
Led lamps and UV lamps are compatible with gel and semi-permanent manicure. Each of them has some extras that add up to their price, but if you are willing to make an investment, we can assure you both are worth it.

4). Manual VS Automatic

Lamps can be set to start automatically as soon as you put your hand inside the gadget. Regular manicure fixed manually requires more time and more attention instead. Still, both options are time-reducing and have their advantages that make them a good fit for your needs. Which one is better though? You decide.

Top Five Best Nail Dryers On The Market

This professional air nail dryer is perfect not only for salon use, but also for personal usage. 
The drying process is very simple: the dryer generates a stream of air that withers the polish; the stream of air is produced by a built-in fan.
Given its ventilation mechanism, it is safe from overheating. 
What we most like about Makartt Professional Air Nail Fan Blow Dryer is that it is very user-friendly and comfortable, apart from its efficiency.
It is roomy enough for hands and feet simultaneously. Its classy design makes it very appropriate for salon use. 
Also, it comes packed with a double sensor that automatically sets the right parameters, making the drying process smooth and easy. This automatism helps a professional in attending more clients in a shorter while and an amateur user gettting the job done much quicker.
You can either use warm or cool air, depending on the temperature in the room. It is also safe for kids’ usage as it has no LED or UV light that might cause skin damage. 
Makartt Professional Air Nail Fan Blow Dryer adds 400W, 110 to 120V, weighs 4.2 lbs, and does not cause any skin issue.

What’s to like:

It is fit for salon and personal usage
Enough room for feet and hands at the same time
Safe from overheating
High ventilation
Non-slip pad
Double sensor with the automatic drying process

What’s not to like:

It is stationary

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NailStar Professional 36 Watt UV Nail Dryer is a very powerful UV lamp known for its efficiency in drying gel. 
It is rather suitable for static use, as its weight wouldn’t allow you to carry it with you anywhere you want. 
Powered by 4x9-Watt professional UV bulbs, NailStar Professional 36 Watt UV Nail Dryer has a robust design with four built-in curing timers, from 120 to 180 seconds, which makes it very fast and efficient. 
It is compatible with all gel brands, suitable for hands and feet as well. 
NailStar Professional 36 Watt UV Nail Dryer cures faster than traditional UV lamps, it has low heat emission, it is low-maintenance, so you could consider adding it to your beauty kit. 

What’s to like:
It can be set to automatically start the drying process
It is suitable for salon and home usage
It is perfect for a hard-core gel manicure
It comes with 4 timers
Compatible with all gel brands

What’s not to like:

Too bulky to carry it around

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This ultimate nail dryer comes with both LED and UV light source, incorporating features that you won’t be finding in many other LED lamps.
It emits ultra-violet diode dual power and is packed with a two-timer. It uses low Wattage, which makes it less dependent on electricity. 
SUNUV 24W UV Light LED Nail Dryer is 50% more efficient than most lamp dryers and does not overheat. 
With 50.000 hours lifetime, auto-sensor, 2-time settings of 30 and 60 seconds, SUNUV 24W UV Light LED Nail Dryer is the perfect companion to carry with you anywhere, due to its reduced lightweight.
It can cure builders, hard gel, LED, UV, sculpture, gem glue, etc. 

What’s to like:

Much faster than traditional LED nail dryers
It does not harm skin or eyes
50.000 hours lifespan
It is perfect for gel
It is suitable for home or salon usage
It is pretty lightweight, so it can be carried in a purse or luggage

What’s not to like:

A bit pricey

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Apart from the delicious odor of almonds, with only one puff and a two to three minutes wait, you can safely touch your nails and feel them completely dry.
 Solarspeed Spray contains a conditioner that moisturizes cuticles; it does not leave any oil slick marks on your skin and is one of the quickest nail drying treatments from the marketplace. 
Creative Nail Design’s Solarspeed Spray requires about ten minutes to completely dry up the nail polish that will last you for a couple of days. Sure, it won’t last you with no smudges if you garden or wash tons of dishes, but in normal conditions, you are covered for a few days.
The process is simple: after applying nail polish, you wait for one or two minutes, then spray each coat, and in less than ten minutes you got yourself a manicure with no nicks or smudges.
Also, the bottle will last you years, so it is more than convenient. 

What’s to like:

Quick and effective
Shave off drying time
Nourishes fingerprints
It absorbs easily
Pleasant odor
It contains a cuticle conditioner
It does not leave oil marks on your skin
Very affordable
It is lightweight, so you can easily pack it in your suitcase

What’s not to like:

Not safe for kids as it contains chemicals

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Last but not least on our list today is an oil-based drop treatment that comes with a light scent. 
OPI Drip Dry works similarly to CND: after applying the last nail polish layer, you wait for about two minutes, then you apply one or two drops of OPI, and wait for another two minutes.
As it is drippy and oily, you should take caution in not spilling it on different surfaces or clothes. After checking if the polish is dry, you can softly remove all the extra oil from your hands.
Keep in mind that OPI Drip Dry cannot be used between coats and it contains oil residue. 
On the other hand, the extract of jojoba oil and vitamin E are extremely nutritious and will help in eliminating cuticles. 
Just like CND spray, OPI Drip Dry is efficient for daily usage, but it won’t keep your nails from chipping or fading of the nail varnish if you open packages, do the dishes, or plant flowers in the backyard with no gloves on.

What’s to like:

It contains nourishing ingredients
It is fast and efficient
Well-known, trustworthy brand
Light scent

What’s not to like:

It cannot be used between coats
It contains oily residue

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Gone are the days when one had to sit motionless for more than 30 minutes, hands stretched, with wool between the toes, to prevent manicure and pedicure chipping. And gone are the days when one had to stay away from the shower, calculate thin layers of polish to apply, wait for each layer to dry thoroughly, and so on.

The whole process would disable one for quite a while and in these times when we are constantly on the move, we cannot allow ourselves so much time spent in such a trivial process of drying our nails. It is not only time-consuming, but it is also frustrating. 
Hopefully, this guide has helped you get rid of any concerns and will assist you in deciding upon your best nail dryer. From now on, you can enjoy so many different manicure styles without worrying about the whole process. 

Table of Contents

How to choose the Best Nail Dryer of the market?


1. Best Air Nail Dryer - Makartt Professional Air Nail Fan Blow Dryer
2. Best UV lamp Nail Dryer - NailStar Professional 36 Watt UV Nail Dryer
3. Best LED Lamp Nail Dryer - SUNUV 24W UV Light LED Nail Dryer
4. Best Nail Dryer Spray - Creative Nail Design’s Solarspeed Spray
5. Best Drip Nail Dryer - OPI Drip Dry

Final words about the Best Nail Dryer

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