Best Press On Nails of 2024


Image Product Pieces Manufacturer Price
Kiss Everlasting French Nail Kit Ultra Comfort Kiss Everlasting French Nail Kit Ultra Comfort 28 Kiss Store $
Kiss imPress Press-on Manicure Matte Peach Oval Nails Kiss imPress Press-on Manicure Matte Peach Oval Nails 30 Impress $$
Kiss Gold Finger Gel Glam Kiss Gold Finger Gel Glam 24 Kiss Store $
Revlon Naturally Chic Nails Revlon Naturally Chic Nails 36 Revlon $$$
BTArtbox Fake Nails Oval Nails BTArtbox Fake Nails Oval Nails 500 BTArtbox $$
Kiss Glam Fantasy Ultimate Illusion Kiss Glam Fantasy Ultimate Illusion 28 Kiss Store $$$

Not enough time to grow some beautiful nails for a big event? Are you the type who keeps chewing on them all the time? How about problematic nails? Some people are blessed with bad nails, which naturally corrode and go brittle, so achieving a good looking style is almost impossible.
Luckily, you do have options out there, whether you go to a professional salon or you tackle the problem yourself. Choosing the best press on nails involves a bit of homework though, as some products could be quite dangerous for your nails. Luckily, there are also a few good options that will make a difference.

Not only do these nails feel natural as you stick them to your real nails, but they are also likely to last for up to a week with normal wear. Furthermore, they are guaranteed to be chip-resistant, so they are less likely to break.
You do not want a set with 10 nails or so. You want lots of spares and perhaps a backup for each of your fingers. This package comes with 28 different nails, as well as pink gel glue, a manicure stick, and a miniature file.
The application is fairly simple. You are less likely to face any issues, even if this is the first time you rely on press-on nails. Simply add a bit of gel glue to the nail, stick it, and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be removed without breaking your real nails
  • Chip resistant
  • Can last for up to seven days
  • Good value for money
  • Not suitable for those who want super long nails

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These great press-on nails from Impress are not likely to disappoint. In terms of value for money, there is nothing to complain about. You have everything you need for an application that can beat salons – 30 different nails as well.
The best part about this set is the fact that you can get creative with them at times/ You can get 10 identical nails on your fingers, but you also have six nails with various textures and accents – just in case you want a finger to stand out.
If you have used press-on nails before, you probably expect some glue in the package. These units do not come with it because you do not need it. Instead, simply press them on and the ultra-fit technology will get the job done.
  • Easy application
  • Safe to use without any glue
  • Varied designs
  • Good value for money
  • Up to seven days of daily wear
  • Short nails

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Kiss is known for designing some of the best press on nails on the market and this set makes no exception either. You have a full set with not less than 24 nails. At the same time, you have the pink gel glue required for the application.
All the nails in the package are black. You have a beautiful and classy stiletto style. Nails are longer than average, so they are great for those special occasions when you want to impress. They provide a gel manicure effect.
The application is a piece of cake. Use a bit of gel on each nail, then stick the fake nail over your real nail, press and wait for a few seconds. When looked after, the nails can last for up to a week.
  • Beautiful stiletto style
  • Long style nails
  • Full package – gel included
  • 24 nails in the package
  • Quick application
  • Not the best option if you wash dishes a few times a day or you work with your hands in water

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While most nail kits bring in 12 or 20 nails, Revlon's press-on nails sets come in a double package. You practically get two packs and each of them has 18 different nails – great for replacements and further uses.
Nails come in a full package. Apart from the actual nails, you get some superior glue as well. Furthermore, you have a bond enhancer buffer, not to mention the manicure stick. Practically, you can stick these nails on as soon as you get the package – no need to purchase anything else separately.
Whether it comes to the application or the removal, these nails are fairly simple to use. Add a bit of glue, stick them, and hold for a few seconds. They are super easy to remove once time comes – anywhere between five and seven days.
  • Lots of nails
  • Full package – including the manicure stick
  • Superior glue
  • Easy to apply
  • Durable
  • Glue can be very hard to remove from the skin, so avoid contact

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BTArtbox has brought in the ultimate package if you are after value for money. Chances are you will not have to worry about your nails for months, maybe years. There are 500 different pieces in the package in 10 different sizes – 50 pieces per size.
The artificial glue is safe and easy to use. The application is a matter of minutes – no need to seek help from someone else. Other than that, the nails are easy to paint or trim according to your preferences.
The best press on nails from BTArtbox comes with a coffin design. They can be used for multiple purposes. You can use them yourself and enhance your hands, but you can also use them with training purposes.
  • Multiple uses
  • Classic appearance
  • 500 pieces
  • 10 different sizes
  • Easy to trim and paint
  • Certain sizes will go to waste if you have no use for them, reducing the value for money

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Kiss has designed the ultimate set of fake nails if you want something glamorous – your birthday, a great night out, and so on. Your nails will most likely draw instant attention and make a difference.
There are 28 nails in this set and they come in multiple styles, so you can also get a more varied appearance. You also have 24 super adhesive tabs, as well as the glue required for the application.
Apart from the good looking nails that require no paint, you also get a smooth finish. Moreover, a manicure stick is included in the package, but you also have a mini file for small adjustments.
  • Superb appearance
  • Full set
  • Smooth finish
  • Can last up to 10 days
  • Easy to apply
  • Thinner than others, so they may bend under pressure

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What To Look For In The Best Press On Nails

You could buy cheap press on nails from a local supermarket or you could get a professional brand. There are, of course, a few things to look for when about to make a final decision.


Quality construction

Cheap press on nails will last to your door. Jump into a taxi, check your mobile phone a few times, have a few drinks and some of them may already be gone. The quality of such a set is critical because poor materials will break up before you even get to display your new nails.

Instead, opt for something durable. While not that popular, some press on nails are so strong that they can be safely removed and reapplied. They provide great value for money and they will certainly keep up to the demand over a day or night.


Safety first

Most press on nails are made from similar materials. They are safe and less likely to cause any drama. Where is the catch then? The glue you use to stick them to your real fingernails is usually rich in chemicals and harsh components.

From this point of view, you should double check what kind of glue you get. You want something durable that will last. You want efficiency. But at the same time, you do not want it to attack your real nails and corrode them, do you?


Value for money

Opt for value for money, rather than the cheapest or most expensive product you can find. The cheapest product will barely last you to your door. The most expensive one will not always be the best one – you often pay for the brand name as well.

Value for money involves high-quality press on nails, as well as plenty of nails in the package – you want some spares for unexpected situations as well. The price for a nail is what dictates the value for money, so make sure you do the math upfront.



Last, but not least, check out a few reviews from previous buyers too. The best press on nails are usually those that work wonders for more people, so a great online rating is usually a good indicator in terms of quality and durability.


In the end, choosing the best press on nails is more importantly a matter of what you want to achieve – the right style for the right outfit and occasion. But on the same note, it is just as important to invest in quality and value for money.

 Different people have different expectations and needs. Some may want shorter nails to cover their naturally brittle nails. Some others may have good nails, but they want long stylish nails for certain events. No matter what you are after, any of the above-mentioned products will get the job done.

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How to choose the Best Press On Nails of the market?


1. Kiss Everlasting French Nail Kit Ultra Comfort
2. Kiss imPress Press-on Manicure Matte Peach Oval Nails
3. Kiss Gold Finger Gel Glam
4. Revlon Naturally Chic Nails
5. BTArtbox Fake Nails Oval Nails
6. Kiss Glam Fantasy Ultimate Illusion

Final words about the Best Press On Nails

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The author of this review is Zoe Carter, an experienced Nail Technician.

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1Kiss Everlasting French Nail Kit Ultra Comfort
Kiss Everlasting French Nail Kit Ultra Comfort
2Kiss imPress Press-on Manicure Matte Peach Oval Nails
Kiss imPress Press-on Manicure Matte Peach Oval Nails
3Kiss Gold Finger Gel Glam
Kiss Gold Finger Gel Glam