Best Baby Nail Clippers of 2024


Image Product Size Weight Price
NailFrida The SnipperClipper Set by Fridababy – The Baby Essential Nail Care kit for Newborns NailFrida The SnipperClipper Set by Fridababy – The Baby Essential Nail Care kit for Newborns 0.9 x 0.5 x 3.1 inches 1.6 ounces $
Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper 1.1 x 3.6 x 7.6 inches 2.08 ounces $
The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier 7.9 x 5.9 x 7.9 inches 1.44 ounces $
Baby Nail Kit by ARRNEW Baby Nail Kit by ARRNEW 2.5 x 4.6 x 2.5 inches 5 ounces $
NailFrida The SnipperClipper by Fridababy The Baby Nail Clipper NailFrida The SnipperClipper by Fridababy The Baby Nail Clipper 0.9 x 0.5 x 3.1 inches 1.6 ounces $
Safety 1st Fold-Up Nail Clipper Safety 1st Fold-Up Nail Clipper 3.6 x 0.8 x 3 inches 0.8 ounces $

Nature and humans, together, make the world go round. When you’re really young the perspective of having a baby may be something that’s not really on your 100 things-to-do list, but as you get older the thought may no longer seem that far-fetched. And even if you do decide to have a baby-free life, it is practically impossible not to have any baby interaction with your friends’ babies once you step over that 25 year-old threshold and so, in fact, we’ve come to realize that growing up comes together with getting to know some highly important baby details, whether directly or indirectly. 

For all you soon to be parents, we know you have a million questions that cross your mind especially in those long hours of the night when your brain just doesn’t want to keep quit and rest. How do I change a diaper? How many diapers do I need? How do I know the baby’s had enough to eat? How long should the baby sleep? Should I wake the baby every 4-5 hours? Let me tell you that these are the most natural, basic questions you can think of and it’s normal to try and find out the right answers, although, from experience, there is no perfect answer to be found except your own experience with your baby. For example, we never imagined how a baby can, unwillingly, scratch your face or even their own, how fast their nails grow or how tight their grip is even if they are so really young. 

Except the questions above, let us tell you that there will be other details that may seem insignificant today, but that prove to be just as big a challenge as how often you change a diaper. For example? Take a moment and look at your hands. Big, right? A new-born’s hand is 5 times smaller than yours. Nails all clean? Yup. New-born nails are 5 times smaller than yours. Cutting those tiny fragile nails will surely make your heart pump fast, at least the first 2-3 times you do that. Worry not, it’s perfectly normal. Some of us still have problems cutting our own nails without pinching a bit of skin here and there, so here’s some hints regarding clipping your baby’s nails to help you and your baby feel at east, relaxed and safe during this procedure.

Tips and tricks for clipping your baby’s nails:

1. Try clipping your baby’s nails after his bath. Although a baby’s nails aren’t as hard as ours, bathing your child means he is in a more relaxed mood and may not squirm that much. As the baby grows, taking a bath before cutting his nails will ensure that your baby’s hands and nails are clean and ready to be cut properly. 

2. For new-borns under the age of 4 months, you could try cutting their nails while they sleep. This way the risk of the baby squirming while cutting his nails is practically zero. New-borns tend to sleep like a (cute) rock until they reach the age of 4 months, so we strongly advise you to use this cheat method as much as you can, you will practically win a headache-free 4 month period.

3. Always use baby-friendly clippers. If you haven’t used baby clippers on your own nails, you should try and see the huge difference between our normal scissors and baby clippers. They’re thicker, more robust and offer extra protection for the baby skin under the nail bed. Only baby clippers for baby nails, remember that.

4. Distract. As your baby grows and you feel more confident in your nail clipping abilities, you will hit another challenge: your baby’s cooperation to the procedure. Babies are by far extremely curious whenever they see something approaching their hands, but they immediately become extra-cautious when they hear the clipping sound and realize that something is detaching from their hands. So the best thing to do is distract them with something (a colorful toy, keys, the remote control, cartoons, anything you know your baby enjoys).

5. Routine. Babies imitate us. If you do the same thing over and over again, you will soon come to realize that your baby remembers. And yes, this happens at a much earlier age than we initially imagine. So once you get a bit more familiar with clipping your baby’s nails, you should definitely consider putting a routine in place. For example, cutting his nails every 4 days, after the evening bath. During the bath, you can show him your nails and explain that once he’s out of the bath, you will clip his nails, and we assure you that after a month or two, your baby will know what a nail is and what comes after his bath. He will be mentally ready for having his nails clipped and will no longer protest (that much) when you sit him down the couch. And after another 6 months, you will notice your baby pointing at his nails during his bath, showing you that he now knows that once he’s out of the bath, he is expecting you to clip his nails. 

Who buys baby nail clippers?

Basically, anyone. If you got through to this part of the article, it means that you’re either a concerned future parent or a concerned friend of a concerned future parent looking for a handy gift to help your friend. Trust us, you will not go wrong with choosing good nail clippers for the baby to come. While most friends and relatives will buy toys and clothes, you could choose to stand out and buy the best baby nail clippers out there and you’ll see how thankful your friends will be for giving them a truly helping hand with their baby. And baby nails grow pretty fast, you know? Nail clippers should always, and we mean always be around.

Whether you’re the mom, dad, cautious grandma, cool aunt or mom’s best friend, you will find yourself in a bit of a dilemma when you need to cut baby nails for the first time. We know it’s going to make your heart race, but we also assure you that practice makes perfect and that it’s perfectly alright to be nervous at first. In order to feel safe about shortening your baby’s nails, we cannot stress enough how important it is to use baby-friendly clippers. While most baby nail clippers can be used on adults, the opposite does not apply. Never use your grown-up clippers on your baby unless you want some unnecessary trouble. Never.

Allow us to take you through our top 6 best baby nail clippers you can currently find on the market. Whichever one you choose, remember that practice makes perfect, as is the case with practically anything we do in this lifetime. 

This very light baby nail clippers set (1.6 ounces) will solve all your trimming problems in one go, thanks to the curved overlapping blades that allow for a safe and silent snipping. It can be used for babies of any age and size, from new-borns to toddlers, making it one of the best baby nail clippers you can find on the market. Its shape and size are especially designed for a solid grip and fit in any adult hand, while the innovative spy hole helps you aim exactly for that extra-nail that needs to be clipped off so your baby does not scratch himself or those around him. Our advice is to use it first on your own nails so you practice a little before. Yes, that’s right, they work on adults as well, although we do recommend constant cleaning of the clippers and using a pair on your baby only. 
The blades to not instantly and fully snip once you press them down, but sort of gradually come together making the cut safe and gentle, so you will not have any unwanted surprises with nails that jump out of the clippers into your face. The Fridababy nail clippers also come with a curvy nail file that is very easy to use on tiny baby nails, we encourage you to use it first especially if your baby is prematurely born or if you don’t feel comfortable enough yet to try the clippers. You know what they say, practice makes perfect and the nails shorter!


✔ Very light, solid grip, gentle safe clip
✔ Extremely useful spy hole, ensuring perfect control of how much you clip
✔ Fits any baby age and size


↓ The cutting blades may seem a bit big at first glance

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Remember our second tip to clipping your baby’s nails? Clipping nails while you’re baby’s sleeping? Here’s the best baby nail clipper to use while your baby is comfortably asleep, which is, as we said, the perfect cheat method to use for as long as it lasts (and it doesn’t last that long, in fact). This clipper comes equipped with a tiny, yet essential part that will help you clip nails any time during the day or night, i.e. a built in light at the tip of the nail clipper. 
Apart from this useful built in light which, alone, would make this clipper one of the best baby nail clippers on the market, it has a large ergonomic soft touch handle that fits perfectly into your hand, making it really easy to use. It’s light (2.08 ounces), has an easy grip and requires no batteries. It has a hidden pocket for a mini-file that proves to be very handy for nails that break easily, but we warn you that using the file can prove pretty tricky especially if it’s your first 3-4 months of parenthood.


✔ You can clip nails any time during the day or night, due to the built-in light
✔ Easy grip, easy use
✔ Very good price


↓ Light too bright, may bother you if you have sensitive eyes

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This pair of clippers aims high on clipping accuracy, due to its customized, foldable magnifier that will help any first time parent feel sure about how much nail length they cut. The magnifier magnifies 4 times and, when you feel confident enough to not need it anymore, you can simply fold it back and continue using them like a pro. 
The stainless steel cutting blades are very sharp from corner to corner, making sure that you only need one clip to get rid of that extra nail. It is very easy to use on anyone, from babies and toddlers to adults, so you may find yourself one day using your baby’s clippers instead of your own and you will be perfectly at peace with that. It is completely understandable, since these clippers are so sharp and easy to use and most probably one of the best baby nail clippers available today. 


✔ Magnifier for extra safety
✔ Easy grip, easy use
✔ Cutting blades are really sharp, clips in one go, extra accuracy


↓ May not work well on really soft nails

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This baby nail kit isn’t just your regular baby clipper handy toy, but a full set of baby nail manicure providing you with anything you need to pamper your baby. Although we do recommend that you test more than one baby trimming tool, we confirm that eventually you will prefer one and end up using that for a long while. 
However, if you feel confident enough in your clipping skills, buy this product as it covers any type of nail that your baby may have: the nail clipper is extremely ergonomic, anti-slip handle, has curved over-lapping blades, non-blunt, that will help you clip the tiniest of nails. The nail set comes in a cute and durable case shaped as a pig, owl or seal, in which you’ll also find small scissors with blunt, round head, a delicate rounded nail file and small baby tweezers. This baby nail set is probably one of the best baby nail sets available on the market and one of the bets gifts for new parents that one could possibly think of. You will not regret.


✔ Extensive nail tool kit to solve any related problem
✔ High quality parts, non-slip, easy use
✔ Eye-candy case to store the tools

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One of the best baby nail clippers you will find in terms of safety, making it probably the best tool for new parents. We all feel that restless twitch of not knowing if we cut the nail deep enough to ensure that the baby doesn’t scratch his face anymore or, on the contrary, if we cut too deep and pinch the little one’s skin around the nail bed. These nickel-free fridababy nail clippers have the perfect, patented solution for this real problem – the clippers have an innovative spy hole that allows you to see exactly how much of the nail you will be clipping and we do confirm that this ingenious detail is extremely useful for anyone, a true game changer. In no time, you will get the hang of clipping your baby’s nails at your usual heart rate and without feeling your hands shake uncontrollably. 
The curved over-lapping blades are just the right size for your baby’s tiny nails, they’re safe and silent so that your little one does not feel any unnecessary stress while having his nails clipped. Trust us, a relaxed baby is the first step to any successful operation. The cutting mechanism resembles that of scissors, so you begin cutting on one side and gradually continue all the way through the other side of the nail, adding a plus to safety. Also, you will be able to smoothen those sometimes nasty edges and nail corners, not allowing the nail to snap or break while clipping them. We warmly recommend buying these clippers next time you are invited to a baby shower.

✔ Genius spy hole to see how much or how little of the nail you cut
✔ Safe, silent cut, no extra stress on the baby
✔ Easy to hold, easy to use, durable

We tried, we didn’t find any

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Twins? We got just the solution for you. These baby nail clippers set of 2 may very well be just what you’ve been looking for! 
Travel a lot? These baby nail clippers set of 2 may very well be just what you’ve been looking for so you don’t always carry around one clipper: now you can leave one safe at home and put the other in your baby travel bag. 
Own a pet? Trim their tiny nails with these clippers if you want to spare a trip to the vet and you’ll see how this will no longer be a problem.
The easy grip allows for perfect control while clipping your little one’s fragile nails. While it may seem a bit too simple in design, often times this has proved to be an advantage and this is another example to prove this theory right. You will use these clippers very easily and naturally, the only remaining problem is being careful not to lose them. 
The over-lapping blades, made of stainless steel, allow for a solid cut without any unwanted leftover nail behind. The lower side has a grip extension that adds a plus to the control you have over the clippers, so you can rest assured that even you’re an ex-football player with big, solid, hands, you will also be able to use this tool without the fear of breaking it or hurting your baby.  


✔ Simple design, grip extension, super safe to use
✔ Nice, clean cut
✔ Easy to hold, easy to use, durable


↓ May not work really well on hard nails

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So now that we’ve explained just how important it is to use the right clippers on your baby or toddler and given you just enough picks to last you, well, all through your baby’s first 10 years, here’s some pointers for you, the concerned parents that may sometimes feel overwhelmed. 

So, first, if you feel you’re tired one night but you know you need to clip your baby’s nails, we recommend postponing doing his manicure until you’ve rested. You need to feel relaxed and confident, shaky hands are a very bad idea when holding clippers right next to your baby. So better safe than sorry, just postpone cutting his nails until the following day.

Second, try doing your own manicure together with your baby’s, making sure you use different clippers or scissors. It’s fun and a good learning activity to do with your baby, showing him that there is no danger in cutting our nails. Your young one will see you smile while cutting your nails and will understand the message that it’s perfectly ok to do that and, in time, this can turn into a great activity to do together, chit chat about your day and get a good manicure.

Last, but not least, learn to trust yourself even if your palms sweat at first or your hands shake. It’s normal. It will pass. Nobody else knows your baby better than yourself, even if this is your first time as a parent. Experience comes with time and it builds day by day. Until then, our best advice is to work with the best tools to get the best results, so that’s why you should really consider our options above and chose what is best for you and your baby.

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How to choose the Best Baby Nail Clippers of the market?


1. NailFrida The SnipperClipper Set by Fridababy – The Baby Essential Nail Care kit for Newborns
2. Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper
3. The First Years American Red Cross Deluxe Nail Clipper with Magnifier
4. Baby Nail Kit by ARRNEW
5. NailFrida The SnipperClipper by Fridababy The Baby Nail Clipper
6. Safety 1st Fold-Up Nail Clipper

Final words about the Best Baby Nail Clippers

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1NailFrida The SnipperClipper Set by Fridababy – The Baby Essential Nail Care kit for Newborns
NailFrida The SnipperClipper Set by Fridababy – The Baby Essential Nail Care kit for Newborns
2Safety 1st Sleepy Baby Nail Clipper
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