Best Nail Polish Christmas Gifts of 2024


Image Product Pcs Color Price
Beetles Rainbow Summer Gel Nail Polish Kit Beetles Rainbow Summer Gel Nail Polish Kit 23 Kaleidoscope $$
Beetles Nude Grays Gel Nail Polish Kit Beetles Nude Grays Gel Nail Polish Kit 6 Nude/Grey/Pink $$$
Vishine Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit Vishine Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit 6 six colors $$$
Modelones Gel Nail Polish Blue Peach Set Modelones Gel Nail Polish Blue Peach Set 7 Blue White $
Aibrit Gel Nail Polish Kit Aibrit Gel Nail Polish Kit 23 Multiple colors $$

Whether you want to surprise your best friend with some girlish products for Christmas or you simply want to award yourself for a good year, a nail polish set is an ideal option. When you buy it for someone else, you need to make sure you know what the receiver likes though. 

If you are not, your best bet is to go with high-quality products. Quality is likely to make the difference and becomes your main priority, rather than the actual colors.


Now, browsing the best nail polish Christmas gifts could be a bit tricky. A simple search over the Internet will bring in dozens – if not even hundreds – of results. Some of them are better rated than others, while their ratings skyrocket. This is what you have to go for. All in all, here is everything you need to know about making a good purchase, as well as the best products in commerce – with both pluses and minuses.

If the receiver is into colorful nail polish and clothes, this set might be ideal. Referred to as the rainbow summer set, you have a bunch of beautiful colors – from funky green and blue to nude and purple. Other colors include baby blue, neon green, neon orange or turquoise – you get the idea.
The set comes with 23 different bottles. Practically, you have 20 different mini gel colors. Each bottle measures 5ml. These are the funky colors. Then, there are three no wipe base and top coats – each bottle measures 7.5ml. These are both glossy and matte, so you get a bit of variety too.
This a gel polish set, meaning it will stick to the nails for longer than classic polish. For maximum efficiency, you should use a LED lamp to cure the final result. Other than that, a base and top coat are mandatory for longevity – luckily, they are included in the package.
Finally, it is worth noting some colors come with glittery, while others are basic and simple – no matter what outfits the receiver is into, chances are they will find some beautiful matching colors.
  • Good selection of colors
  • Base and top polish included
  • Does not have an intense chemical smell
  • Some colors come with glitter
  • More appropriate for LED lamp curing

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This set is definitely among the best nail polish Christmas gifts if you want a full set and excellent value for money. It has everything the receiver needs for a professional manicure at home – ideal for those who are just starting a venture in this business too.
Colors are pretty basic and suitable for those who love nude and simplistic designs over crazy and funky styles. There are a few different varieties of nude polish – ranging from light gray to light purple. Furthermore, the package also includes three bottles for foundation and top – recommended for gel polish.
The package also includes a high power lamp, which is actually recommended to cure gel polish. It has a pretty high power – 48W – and can easily help cure all kinds of gel polish. The 30 LED lights cut the waiting time to less than a minute.
Besides all these, the package has a few other tools to complete the manicure set – nine different tools.
  • Excellent value for money
  • Comes with a professional lamp
  • Nine manicure tools included
  • Beautiful nude designs
  • No glitter options for a bit of variety

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Vishine's best nail polish Christmas gifts could not miss this particular set – one of the most popular options from this manufacturer. Given the price and what is included, value for money will pleasantly surprise you. The set is ideal for those who want a professional manicure at home, as well as those starting a business in this industry.
There are six different colors in this gel polish set. They are all neutral and warm, ranging from a mild nude to a dark, but warm purple. There are no crazy or funky colors – ideal for those who want elegance without drawing too much attention. There is also a set for top and base gels – must have for gel polish.
The package comes with a 36W Sun9C Plus lamp – a compact, yet professional grade LED lamp. It ensures your gel polish is cured in no time. Besides, there are a few nail art tools to help in the process – the most common tools you would normally find in a salon.
The best part about this gel polish? There are no funny odors at all.
  • Full package
  • Includes a lamp and manicure tools
  • No smell
  • Good value for money
  • Colors may seem a bit pale when applied

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Modelones might have designed one of the best nail polish Christmas gifts if the receiver is not the type to scream for attention – there are no funky or super crazy colors in this set, but just a bunch of beautiful neutral styles.
The name of this set is self explanatory. You have seven different bottles – each of them coming with 6ml of gel polish. They range from strawberry ice cream to a warm macaron blue nuance – beautiful, elegant, but still mild.
The nail polish is based on natural ingredients, so there are no funny odors or chemical smells coming out of them. A good application should keep them on for a couple of weeks, with no peeling or chipping.
Since this is gel nail polish, it is well cured with a LED lamp – it will easily support powerful 48W lamps as well.
  • Beautiful warm colors
  • Bottles are larger than average
  • Natural ingredients, no side effects
  • No funny odors
  • Not the best choice if you do not have a LED lamp too

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Aibrit has brought in a super cost efficient nail polish gel – the ideal gift for someone who loves professional manicure or is new to this industry. You have 20 different bottles of gel polish – each of them at 7.5ml. Colors range from basic nude and go to glittery pink and so on. There is something for every opportunity in there.
You also have a few bottles for bases and tops – mandatory when you use gel polish, as they add to the durability. Obviously, this type of polish should be cured under a LED lamp – usually for a minute or two.
Applying the gel polish is fairly simple and requires no experience. Applying the base and top coat the right way will extend the durability to three weeks.
Finally, there are no toxic ingredients in the composition. Not only are they healthy, but they will bring in a pleasant and low odor too.
  • Little to no odors
  • Lots of options
  • Base and top gels included
  • Durable results
  • Requires a proper UV lamp for curing

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What To Look For In The Best Nail Polish Christmas Gifts

There are a few things to pay attention to when hunting a quality nail polish set. While they might seem a bit irrelevant, they can make the difference.



You never see people smelling the nail polish they buy – bad idea. The odor is an indicator of quality. What should you get then? The sweeter the smell is, the better. Some odors are very intense. Some of them are chemical. Inhale from the bottle and you will choke or even feel nauseous.

Other than that, some strong scents can also cause choking and discomfort. If it has that effect on you, it will most likely be bad for your nails as well. Moreover, that smell will chase you around and sometimes, others can feel it as well.

Simply put, go for a sweet odor or no odor at all.



This one seems pretty easy. If you want nail polish with glitter, it should be pretty obvious, right? Well, it is not that easy. If you like glitter, it should sparkle in direct light – be it outdoor sunlight or indoor light. Dull colors are less likely to provide this kind of effect. In fact, dull glitter may remain invisible even if the light floods your nails.

On the same note, poor quality glitter will sparkle in most lighting conditions. It is not the type of glitter you want, as it can be disturbing. Plus, it looks cheap. You only want the glitter effect when direct light hits you.


Color combo

This aspect is pretty obvious – the best nail polish Christmas gifts are those that can actually match the receiver's style, preferences and apparel. The same rule applies if you buy a set for yourself. You are not going to buy crazy colors when you mostly do with nude and pale colors – follow the same rule for your friend.


This one might be a bit difficult to determine online. The high-quality polish will stick to your nails for days without chipping or cracking. Poor quality could go off within the first day. Go through a few reviews if you order online, get some recommendations, and check the value for money. The cheapest nail polish will most likely be terrible, while the most expensive one will not necessarily be the best.


Bottom line, you do have a few good options when hunting the best nail polish Christmas gifts. Choosing the best one is up to you and you should do it with the receiver's style and preferences in mind.

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How to choose the Best Nail Polish Christmas Gifts of the market?


1. Beetles Rainbow Summer Gel Nail Polish Kit
2. Beetles Nude Grays Gel Nail Polish Kit
3. Vishine Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit
4. Modelones Gel Nail Polish Blue Peach Set
5. Aibrit Gel Nail Polish Kit

Final words about the Best Nail Polish Christmas Gifts

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1Beetles Rainbow Summer Gel Nail Polish Kit
Beetles Rainbow Summer Gel Nail Polish Kit
2Beetles Nude Grays Gel Nail Polish Kit
Beetles Nude Grays Gel Nail Polish Kit
3Vishine Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit
Vishine Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit