Best Pumice Stones For Feet of 2024


Image Product Pcs Dimensions Price
Phogary Pumice Stone Phogary Pumice Stone 2 4.75 x 3.5 x 1 inches $
Maryton Pumice Stone Maryton Pumice Stone 4 5 x 4 x 2 inches $
Norme Pumice Stone Norme Pumice Stone 20 5.9 x 1.4 x 0.9 inches $$
Love Pumice Stone Love Pumice Stone 4 5 x 4 x 2 inches $
Pixnor Pumice Stone Pixnor Pumice Stone 2 3.54 x 2.76 x 1.57 inches $
Eaone Pumice Stone Eaone Pumice Stone 4 3.54 x 2.28 x 1.02 inches $

There comes a time in your life when the necessity of a pumice stone becomes pretty obvious. Practically, whether you are a man or a woman, your soles will develop layers of dead skin that could get removed naturally or not. When the layer is not naturally removed, you will need to give it a bit of stimulation.
Deciding on the best pumice stones for feet could raise some question marks. Who actually pays attention to these things? You will just get the cheapest one and get along with it, right? The truth is there are differences between one stone and another. A little attention to small details will push you in the right direction. So, what should you know before spending your money?

Forget about calluses and cracked heels – this set brings in not one, but two different pumice stones that will last for ages. Both stones are identical – while you can use one of them for a long time, having a backup is great.
The stones are fully natural. They are porous and feature abrasive capabilities. They can exfoliate, but also help you overcome thick dead skin, corns, stains and calluses. They feature small holes and some strings for hanging storage.
The design is ergonomic. Stones are relatively small and can easily fit inside your hand. Soak the stone you use in warm water until it goes a bit soft, then rub it gently in circular moves over the affected areas – simple as that.
  • Good value for money
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Easy to hang to dry
  • Suitable in all kinds of movements
  • A bit too small for large areas

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Maryton took value for money to another level. Its best pumice stones for feet come in a set of four. They are all identical and feature a convenient rectangular shape. While there are no round areas, they can be used for both wide and narrow surfaces.
Unlike other pumice stones, these ones come with two different sides. Each side has a specific type of coarseness. One of them is super coarse, while the other one is finer. Choose the right side based on how severe the calluses are.
In terms of design, these pumice stones are blue – one side is dark and the other one is light. The color has nothing to do with their efficiency though. They look better – nothing else. Each stone measures 5x4x2 inches and weighs just over two ounces.
  • Great value for money
  • Different and attractive design
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Different levels of coarseness on each side
  • Not made from natural materials

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Norme does not mess around when it comes to its best pumice stones for feet. Apart from working against calluses and cracked heels, these stones also work to clean tiles, kitchens and bathrooms – among other applications.
Worried about damaging your pumice stones? The package from Norme comes with 20 different pumice stones, so you have plenty of spares. You should have enough to keep you going for many years of regular use.
Each stick measures 5.9x1.4x0.9 inches. They are made from non-toxic and odorless materials. They will not absorb substances like grease and they are safe for your skin. Furthermore, if you use them in cleaning, they will not scratch your tiles.
  • 20 sticks in the package
  • Suitable for more applications
  • Compact size
  • Safe and nontoxic
  • A bit rougher than other pumice stones in this range

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Love Pumice has a self-explanatory name. The brand has specialized in developing high quality pumice stones and this one makes no exception. The pack comes with four pumice stones for an excellent price – they are all identical in shape and size though.
The look will draw your attention right away. Each stone has two sides – one of them is white and the other one is bright purple. It is not just a matter of design though – each side has a different level of coarseness for different applications.
Each piece measures 5x2x1 inches. You have a good grip, meaning it is fairly simple to use the stones. Whether you need them against calluses or to clean around your home, you should have no problems with their ergonomic designs.
  • Good looking design
  • Two levels of coarseness
  • Easy and comfortable grip
  • Good size
  • Not as durable as other pumice stones in this price segment

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Pixnor's best pumice stones for feet are classic. They are oval and ensure a good grip, but they can also be hanged for storage – the optimal way to dry pumice stones for maintenance. The set comes with two different pieces, yet you can choose other options with different designs.
Pixnor has relied on natural stone for its products. The abrasive properties are quite gentle. The lava stone is porous and can remove dead skin, calluses and work against cracked heels. You can pretty much exfoliate every part of your body with these stones.
Stones are hand size, meaning you can grab them comfortably when in use. For maximum efficiency, soak both the stones and the affected skin in soap water before rubbing. Use a circular motion for better results without applying too much pressure.
  • Hand size stones
  • Cord for maintenance and storage
  • Natural materials
  • Multiple uses
  • May come in different colors – such as brown or black, without the option to choose yourself

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Eaone's best pumice stones for feet come in a pack of four at a very low price – excellent value for money. All four stones are identical. They feature an oval shape and each of them has a cord for drying up and storage.
The oval shape and wide flat area allow using the pumice stones on both long surfaces and round corners. Each stone measures 3.5x2.2x1 inches in size. They are easy to hold and ensure a good grip due to the porous surface.
The stones can be used for exfoliation, calluses and a bunch of cleaning procedures. Furthermore, each stone has a decent coarseness – not too rough, but not too soft either. They are likely to last for ages as well.
  • Great durability
  • Good value for money
  • Compact shape and design
  • Natural material
  • Might be a bit too soft for cleaning

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What To Look For In The Best Pumice Stones For Feet
Choosing the right pumice stone will provide more efficiency and durability, but what kind of factors should you pay attention to?
Pumice is porous. It also has a coarse surface – drag it over the surface of your skin and you will notice it right away. This is what makes it such a good option for exfoliation or against dry calluses. Generally speaking, pumice stones are made from lava or volcanic rocks. Some others could be made from other materials, including certain types of glass or ceramic.
While other materials can mimic the functionality and porous profile, they will never be as efficient as the real thing. Since pumice stones are not too expensive anyway, there is no need to compromise on quality.
Pore size
The pore size is another good consideration that everyone seems to overlook. It will tell you how good the exfoliating capabilities are. If the pumice stone feels smooth, pores are relatively small. Such a stone would be a good option for more sensitive parts of your body, such as elbows or knees.
Large pores are rough and they can work wonders against thick layers of dead cells, as well as calluses. If you want to find the best pumice stones for feet, keep in mind that larger is better, so opt for a rough one.
The shape will also give you some hints about what to expect from the pumice stone. If the area is flat, it is great for large sections of skin – for instance, the heel. Rounded edges are more suitable for contours or tighter areas.
To ensure you can use your pumice stone everywhere, opt for a combo of round corners and flat surfaces.
Extras are more about convenience, but not necessarily needed. If you want to spend some extra money, go ahead. Some pumice stones come with handles, so rubbing them against your skin is much easier than holding them. Others feature a drying string – you may even find motorized pumice stones out there.

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1. Phogary Pumice Stone
2. Maryton Pumice Stone
3. Norme Pumice Stone
4. Love Pumice Stone
5. Pixnor Pumice Stone
6. Eaone Pumice Stone

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1Phogary Pumice Stone
Phogary Pumice Stone
2Maryton Pumice Stone
Maryton Pumice Stone
3Norme Pumice Stone
Norme Pumice Stone