Best Acrylic Powder and Liquid for Nails of 2024


Image Product Size Weight Price
Mia Secret Cover Beige Acrylic Powder Mia Secret Cover Beige Acrylic Powder 2 oz 2.4 ounces $
Mia Secret Acrylic Liquid Monomer Mia Secret Acrylic Liquid Monomer 2 oz 4.2 ounces $
No Primer Acrylic Nail Liquid Monomer No Primer Acrylic Nail Liquid Monomer 32 oz 2 pounds $$$

Acrylic nail art is a beautiful manicure that takes lots of time to create, and it should be long lasting otherwise it is not worth the costs and the time you invest. Creating something genuinely spectacular requires hard work, determination and last but not finally, quality products.

These quality products usually mean a quality acrylic powder and acrylic liquid. They must ensure that the acrylic nails you are creating for your clients or yourself are lasting as long as possible while looking great until you decide to get them off.

We know it’s difficult choosing between so many brands and products, but we will show you how to do it. Before we get straight to our five top choices in the matter of acrylic powder and acrylic liquid, we will offer you some insights in the industry, so you have a clear view of what you are looking.

What are the benefits of using acrylic liquid?

Using acrylic liquid brings many benefits as they have been in the industry for years creating fascinating nail arts. Plus, they are a prime solution for women who don’t want to see their short, broken, and brittle nails and who desire longer and more attractive nails.

The acrylic nails have been around for even a more extended period, in the form of a gel. This nail art is more affordable than other options, it lasts longer, and the side effects don’t exist. The most important advantage of acrylic nails is that if one nail breaks, you can quickly fix it at home or in a salon using the right tools in a matter of minutes. The acrylic powder is one of the essential products that are used in a nail salon. Premixed acrylic powders are that professional product that will bring manicure to the next level.

Mia Secret is one of the most popular and appreciated brands in the industry that has to offer multiple nail care products, including acrylic nails systems and kits. This product is loved by many nails professional due to its benefits: easy to use, lift resistant, accessible, MMA free.

Those of you who are willing to create their acrylic nail art at home can proceed with this product because it is easy to use and has an accessible price. The bottle is big enough for more sessions because one nail art doesn’t require much of this product. It can be used for a long way on a daily basis at a salon. Some people say that they don’t need to use a nail drill or fill tool after using this acrylic liquid.

What MMA stands for anyway?

Well, MMA means methyl methacrylate, and it was created for medical used primarily in the dentist office for building crowns and bridges for patients with teeth issues. Since it hardens completely, MMA is not something you would like to have on your nails. In contact with nails or skin during liquid form, it can cause serious problems. More than that, FDA has prohibited manufacturers from using this substance in the nail industry back in 1974.

One disadvantage of this product is that it has a heavy odor that some may not take it well.

What’s to like?

  • Lift resistant
  • Quality
  • MMA free
  • Big bottle
  • Little drilling after application needed
  • Little filing after use required

What’s not to like?

  • Heavy odor

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Mia Secret brand has more than one high-quality product. It has many products that offer significant results especially for beginners who need time to learn and to try new things until they can get it right. Mia Secret Cover Beige Acrylic Powder is another product that will bring you exceptional results on your nails.

This comes in a package with a beautiful color, fast drying because we all know how valuable time is to anyone and consistency. Once the powder has finished drying, you will notice a nice texture, along with some little specks of glitter in the beige. The smoothness of this product will make you truly happy, and it is also easy to paint over it.

You can consider wearing it even without a top coat, that beautiful beige it is. Have we forgotten to say that it is super easy to apply? Not enough that it is easy to use, but it is long lasting too. Everybody wants that their nails art to last as much as possible, and now it’s possible with this product. When you use it, you will notice that it has some shimmery that you will enjoy.

One disadvantage is that comes with a heavy odor that some might not stand.

What’s to like?

  • Nice color
  • Consistency
  • Fast drying
  • Good texture
  • Specks of glitter in the beige
  • Easy to paint over it
  • Smoothness
  • Can be worn without a top coat
  • Easy to apply
  • Long lasting
  • Shimmery

What’s not to like?

  • Heavy odor

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This product comes from the renowned Mia Secret brand that has made many happy customers around the world. Unlike other products, it dries in a decent amount of time, so you have enough room to create the nail art you want. As if it wasn’t enough it works well with other powders, especially with the ones coming from the same brand.

It is easy to spread and to apply which is convenient for beginners in the acrylic nails art. For those who wish to use it at home, it is economical, and it comes at a reasonable price for the large quantity it provides. It is also a quality product that will create a beautiful acrylic nails art that won’t lift at the first sign of water or other external factors. You can rest assured that it is long lasting and you will have to take it off in a few weeks if you don’t get bored before that.

Similar to other products, this monomer has the same heavy odor that some stand, while others don’t. It’s your choice. For avoiding medical problems, it is recommended to use the monomer wearing a mask or in a well-ventilated room.

What’s to like?

  • Dries in an average amount of time
  • Works well with other powders
  • It spreads easier
  • Economical
  • Quality product
  • No lifting
  • Large quantity for the price
  • Easy to apply
  • Long lasting

What’s not to like?

  • Heavy odor

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Trying all type of monomers can be tedious, tiring, and even frustrating. Professionals need an excellent product to stick with to have high-quality results. They don’t have time to waste on mediocre products. Cheri monomer is the perfect choice for professionals who need a quality product that won’t lift even after 1-2 weeks.

Its long-lasting advantage will bring happiness into your clients’ life since they will not have to worry about coming back so soon for another nails art. This product comes with good sizing, so you don’t have to worry about getting a new bottle as often as you used to do. Since you are a professional or already have the skills you need you will be enjoying a smooth applying on the nails, it’s easy to maneuver, and it’s perfect if you need to fill in a professional manicure at home. It comes with a fast setting that you will love.

As we talked before, it’s perfect for a skilled professional, but not so great for beginners. They might have a hard time using it, so it’s better to use a beginners’ monomer.

What’s to like?

  • No lifting
  • Good sizing
  • Smooth applying
  • Long lasting
  • Good for professional use
  • Fast setting
  • Easy to maneuver on the nail
  • Perfect for filling in

What’s not to like?

  • Beginners might have a harsh time using it.

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This last product we are going to talk about is a monomer that works exceptionally well with other acrylics. Once you finish the nails art, you will see there are no lifts and no breaks even if you do a lot of hands using during home chores or work. This is extremely important because once broken nail can bring so much pain to the owner.

If you are really into long nails, then this is the perfect product for you. It will offer you long lasting beautiful nails that you can create at home. Homemade manicure is challenging to do, some say, but when you got the suitable products and devices, nothing can be difficult to do. You will need the skills to do it, but with a browser open you can find and learn anything you want.

This product comes in a large quantity allowing you to do some saving once a while and enjoy it for many manicure sessions. Different than other products which have a fast drying time, you will have plenty of time to shape your acrylic nails. This is best for those of you who are new to this acrylic industry. You will get a smooth finish, non-yellowed nails, and excellent protection for your nails.

One disadvantage is that if you want fast drying, this is not the product for you. It will dry in a reasonable timing so you can create a work of art.

What’s to like?

  • Works well with other acrylics
  • No lift
  • Long lasting
  • No break for hand using
  • Perfect for long nails
  • Suitable for a homemade manicure
  • Large quantity
  • Plenty of time to shape your acrylic nails
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Smooth finish
  • Protects the nails
  • No yellowing

What’s not to like?

  • Doesn’t dry fast

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The acrylic powder and liquid for nails are the most trusted products you should have in your home or salon. Using them will help you create beautiful nail arts that will last longer than gel nails, and your clients will be content with the results. Buying the best quality products is a must for your work no matter if we are talking about your nails or your clients’ nails. They will feel and see the difference, what comes to their increasing level of happiness and return rate.

Do you want the best acrylic nails? Buy the best acrylic powder and liquid for nails! It’s easy! You will create long-lasting acrylic nails, protect the natural nails as every product should be, create beautiful nail designs that will capture everyone’s attention and imagination.

You must be careful so that the product you are buying doesn’t contain MMA or other dangerous substances for your nails. Yellowing can be a result of hazardous ingredients in an acrylic liquid or powder, so pay attention to those tiny labels that present all the ingredients. You have to be thinking if you are buying it for yourself or someone else, and if you are a beginner or an experienced nail professional: this matters because fast drying is not suitable for beginners, while natural drying is not appropriate for professionals’ short time.

All these being said, make the best possible decision and purchase!

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2. Mia Secret Cover Beige Acrylic Powder
3. Mia Secret Acrylic Liquid Monomer
5. No Primer Acrylic Nail Liquid Monomer

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2Mia Secret Cover Beige Acrylic Powder
Mia Secret Cover Beige Acrylic Powder
3Mia Secret Acrylic Liquid Monomer
Mia Secret Acrylic Liquid Monomer