The Best Nail Polish Sets for Kids' Playtimes of 2024


Image Product Product dimensions Polish remover needed Price
Townley Girl Dreamworks Non-Toxic Townley Girl Dreamworks Non-Toxic 5 x 5 x 3 inches Not needed $
Townley Girl Frozen Non-Toxic Peel Off Nail Polish Set Townley Girl Frozen Non-Toxic Peel Off Nail Polish Set 1 x 11 x 12 inches Not needed $
Airdom Kids Nail Polish Set Airdom Kids Nail Polish Set 5.9 x 5.9 x 1.18 inches No $
My Little Pony Washable Super Sparkly Peel-Off Nail Polish My Little Pony Washable Super Sparkly Peel-Off Nail Polish 3.5 x 3.2 x 0.8 inches Washable $
Townley Girl Minnie Mouse Non-Toxic Peel-Off Nail Polish Set Townley Girl Minnie Mouse Non-Toxic Peel-Off Nail Polish Set 23.5 x 20 x 25.5 inches Not needed $
Townley Girl Disney Princess Peel-Off Nail Polish Townley Girl Disney Princess Peel-Off Nail Polish 3.5 x 3.2 x 0.8 inches Washable $
Airdom Non-Toxic Kids’ Nail Polish Set Airdom Non-Toxic Kids’ Nail Polish Set 8 x 5 x 1 inches Washable $

In this day and age, you will be surprised how smart your kids can be when it comes to doing daily activities. Whenever they play with their dolls, plastic tools, and other toys to entertain themselves, you are enabling them to practice certain habits that will most likely improve their sense of responsibility. 

This is why when it comes to buying tools of learning for your precious angels, you need to carefully weigh out the right toys to spark their interests and passion in life.

Some children enjoy working on puzzles, and some of them love making themselves pretty with practice makeup sets. If your baby girl loves doing her nails and showing them off to her friends, then this list of the best nail polish for kids will guide you in choosing the most valuable gift for them.

Let your kids practice the art of decorating their nails with this Townley Girl Dreamworks Nail Polish. This product will not only teach them how to apply nail polish for future references, but it will awaken their sense of responsibility for themselves. 

What’s great about this is the non-toxic and water-based formula that emits the scent of a sweet gum! In fact, this product’s formula dries up quickly, so kids won’t have to wait while playing with it.

Do the polishes stick to the nail and are hard to remove? The answer is no. This product is perfectly made for playtime with easy application and hassle-free cleaning afterwards. Your little ones will be excited especially that this product has 18 nail polish bottles including opaque colors and glittery ones. 

Check this product now for your children’s sleepover, makeovers, parties, and more!


  • Non-toxic
  • Many choice of colors
  • Easy application
  • Dries quickly


  • Hard to remove from clothes
  • Comes off so easily

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Much like the first product, this one is also from TownleyGirl that offers safe and high-quality products for your children. If your kids can’t get over the songs shared by Anna and Elsa in the movie Frozen, then this is probably the right gift for them! 

This product has more colors than you could ever wish for, from glittery colors to simple ones. With this non-toxic and water based nail polish set, you can now give your children the freedom to explore and decide what colors suit their nails!

This product is safe for children 3 years and up. It’s easy to apply, and you don’t need to use polish remover to take it off. Let your search for the best nail polish for kids come to an end with this fun and budget-friendly product!


  • Budget-friendly
  • Bubble-gum scent
  • Variety of colors
  • Easy to apply


  • Not long lasting
  • Doesn’t dry immediately

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What’s not to like about Airdom Kids Nail Polish Set? Aside from being eco-friendly, this product is also free from chemicals like benzophenone, formaldehyde, and heavy metals! It is safe, easy to use and doesn’t need any polish remover to protect your kid’s nails in both hands and feet. Just simply peel it off or rinse the product with water after using it. 

What’s better is this product comes with 7 vibrant colors and 1 top and base coat to protect the polish. 

However, you need to wait for 3 minutes to dry the polish thoroughly, but rest assured that the result is worth the wait. So what are you waiting for? Let your children bask in the world of glitters and explore fashion safely!


  • Water-based peelable
  • Nontoxic
  • Odorless
  • Easy application


  • Hazardous for eyes and prone to swallowing
  • Easily comes off

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We all know how often kids change their minds. If you will purchase a nail polish set, better consider getting a peel-off nail polish kit like this one! This product has been considered as one of the best gifts for all occasions to little girls who love to practice and decorate their nails at a very young age. 

Decorated with cute little ponies, this product will surely appeal to any personality.

Kids just need to wash their nails or simply peel it off to remove a specific color in case they want to switch to something new. Even if the nail polish gets accidentally spilled on hardwood floors or other surfaces, you can just easily wipe it with a rag or tissues. 

Aside from these wonderful facts, this product has a sweet fragrance that your kids will truly love!


  • Dries fast
  • Peel-off nail polish
  • 18 vibrant colors
  • Water-based formula


  • Colors are dark
  • Nail polish bottles can break easily

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Kids can never say no to Minnie Mouse and her exciting adventures, so what more if they will get to be a part of that journey too? With this Minnie mouse water-based and bubble gum scented nail polish set, your kids will finally have the opportunity to color their nails with 18 color options! 

This product is PETA approved and considered safe for kids 3 and up. Encourage your kids to awaken their sense of personal style through this affordable minnie mouse cosmetic set.

If you are worried that their playtime may get too messy because of these nail polishes, then the peel-off feature of this product does the job for you! You don’t need to buy chemical and toxic products to remove the colors from your kids’ nails. 


  • Water-based
  • Includes 18 colors
  • Peel-off feature
  • Dries quickly


  • Too sticky
  • Little parts can be ingested

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Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, and Sleeping Beauty are just some of the timeless beauties kids can’t get over with up to date. These Disney princesses inspire little kids to be neat, lovely, and stay beautiful at all times. With the Townley Girl Disney Princess Nail Polish, your children can now achieve that bright and colorful look everyday! 

This product includes 12 water based and non-toxic nail polish bottles without having to worry about using polish remover to remove it afterwards. 

What parents like about this is it doesn't have any strong odor that may trigger health issues for kids. Also, the vibrant colors of this nail polish set are attractive and very likeable for little children, so you can use this as a gift or as a birthday party favor too. 


  • Affordable
  • Includes 12 colors
  • Sweet fragrance
  • Safe


  • Not long lasting
  • Too small

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Why risk your kids’ safety if you can buy non-toxic products that they can surely enjoy? With this Airdom Non-toxic Nail Polish Set, you can now freely spend a harmless nail coloring process with your kids! This product includes 11 colors plus 1 coat to let the polish stay longer.

 If planning to remove, you don’t need any chemicals or polish remover to do so. 

This nail polish set is eco-friendly, quick to apply, and encourages ultimate joy during the parent-child time. 

This is also a great gift on all occasions, and kids will immediately fall in love with the nail polish bottle designs and colors. There is no need to worry about your girls getting jealous of your beautifully painted nails because now, it’s their time to shine with this best nail polish for kids!


  • Safe
  • Eco-friendly
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can be removed easily


  • Not quick-dry
  • Too small

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What To Look For In The Best Nail Polish For Kids

Before you pick out a nail polish set for your babies, here are some of the things you could use as a guide during the process:

Wide Variety of Color Selections 

A great nail polish set will be able to portray a variety of color selections to make sure that your child can choose whatever they like. It will not matter if you get them a big pack or an expensive one if it does not have the right colors they want.

Before you start your shopping session in the mall or conduct a Google search for these things, make sure you know what your child wants first. Ask them the colors that they want, and suggest a few that you think will look good on them. 

When they reach a decision, you can start to look for a great nail polish set, and your child will love you more because you got exactly what they wanted.

Kids-Safe Formula 

Whether you are a parent or not, you surely know that kids put their hands in their mouth almost all the time. Of course, the safest way to protect them from harming themselves is by guarding them and always washing their hands. 

However, if you are planning to glam up their nails with cute nail polish designs, then you need to look for products that have a safe formula for kids.

Nail polish sets that are specifically formulated for kids have ingredients that are non-toxic and smells great. In the interest of safety, the best habit to do while buying things for your children is to check the formula of the products they are using. 

Make sure that the ingredients will not harm them in any way, so that no complications will arise whenever they are using these items. This way, you will secure their safety all the time, and you will avoid the risk of allergies.


Nail polish is supposed to stick to your nails whenever you use them, but when it comes to kids, you have to make sure that these cosmetic products will come off easily. Children are more prone to get irritated or cranky whenever they are tired of seeing the same thing, and aside from that, they might get the nail polish on your walls and furniture. 

If you want a high-quality nail polish set for your kids, get the ones that are easiest to wash off.


Getting your kids to glam up their looks will awaken their inner fashionista earlier than expected. If you want them to make the most out of this experience, get them the best nail polish for kids by checking out this list! 

Now, instead of running solo on your home’s runway, you will get to bring your precious angels with you as you stay fabulous all day long.

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How to choose the The Best Nail Polish Sets for Kids' Playtimes of the market?


1. Townley Girl Dreamworks Non-Toxic
2. Townley Girl Frozen Non-Toxic Peel Off Nail Polish Set
3. Airdom Kids Nail Polish Set
4. My Little Pony Washable Super Sparkly Peel-Off Nail Polish
5. Townley Girl Minnie Mouse Non-Toxic Peel-Off Nail Polish Set
6. Townley Girl Disney Princess Peel-Off Nail Polish
7. Airdom Non-Toxic Kids’ Nail Polish Set

Final words about the The Best Nail Polish Sets for Kids' Playtimes

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1Townley Girl Dreamworks Non-Toxic
Townley Girl Dreamworks Non-Toxic
2Townley Girl Frozen Non-Toxic Peel Off Nail Polish Set
Townley Girl Frozen Non-Toxic Peel Off Nail Polish Set
3Airdom Kids Nail Polish Set
Airdom Kids Nail Polish Set