Best Japanese Nail Clippers of 2024


Image Product Size Weight Price
Green Bell G-1008 Nail Clipper (Takumi No Waza) Green Bell G-1008 Nail Clipper (Takumi No Waza) 5.1 x 1.5 x 0.9 inches 2.4 ounces $$
Seki Edge Stainless Steel Toe Nail Clippers (SS-107) Stainless Steel Toenail Clippers for Men & Women Seki Edge Stainless Steel Toe Nail Clippers (SS-107) Stainless Steel Toenail Clippers for Men & Women 3.5 x 0.8 x 0.6 inches 1.6 ounces $$
Seki Edge Nail Clippers (SS-106) - Stainless Steel Fingernail Clippers for Men & Women Seki Edge Nail Clippers (SS-106) - Stainless Steel Fingernail Clippers for Men & Women 2.6 x 0.6 x 0.5 inches 1.6 ounces $$
MUJI nail clipper Made in Japan Small 6cm MUJI nail clipper Made in Japan Small 6cm - 1 ounces $
Green Bell G-1205 Nail Clipper (Takumi No Waza) Renewal of G-1008 Green Bell G-1205 Nail Clipper (Takumi No Waza) Renewal of G-1008 5.1 x 1.9 x 1.1 inches 2.9 ounces $$

Growing up is something we cannot put on hold or stop. We get taller, larger, we need to buy new shoes, new clothes, we need to have our hair cut and other necessary grooming procedures in order to look and feel presentable and at peace with our bodies.

And because we are all human and humans, well, we grow, we find ourselves every week facing the same necessity – clipping our nails. Thick, thin, large or tiny, they all grow and need to be cut periodically in order to keep them healthy and to keep dirt and bacteria from cluttering underneath. Everybody needs to do that, from new-borns to grandparents, from toddlers or adolescents to adults. And even some of our pets! And while some of us (especially the ladies) enjoy some well-deserved hand and toe pampering once a month (which we highly recommend as well), others clip their nails in the comfort of their own homes. As is the case with anything we do, practice makes perfect, however one huge impact makes the type of scissors or clippers that we use. It is very important, if not even essential, to have the best tools available when we cut our nails, otherwise our cutting skills will miss the target. It’s like going skating with good skates or bad skates, in the first scenario you stand a good chance at going for a nice long slide along the skating ring, while in the second scenario, even if you do know how to skate, you will probably end up face down because of the faulty skates.


Nails are composed of layers of a type of protein called keratin. Healthy nails are smooth, have a pinkish tone and no pits or grooves. Sometimes, nails get some vertical ridges that are completely harmless, so don’t worry if you see that on your nails. In short, if your nails look nice, feel nice, then they’re healthy.

However, if you wake up one day and realize that your nails are suddenly thicker or, on the contrary, a lot thinner than you remember, or if your nails start to curve or change color, that’s a clear sign your nails are suffering and you need to investigate the problem.


Use certified clippers or scissors. Get the best tools for your nails, a tool that allows a solid grip, a nice clean cut, leaving no harsh edges behind. It is essential that you cut right, at first clip, so that you don’t put too much stress on the edge of your nail. Also, it is very important to clean your nail clippers regularly so that you don’t spread bacteria around your nails the next time you clip them. A simple wipe with a pad soaked in alcohol will do the trick. You will see, further below, that we do have some great options to cover this first tip to having healthy nails.

Clip your nails after you shower. Warm water softens even the hardest of nails, so use this trick especially if your nails are very thick or very hard. This will ease the effort you put into clipping the nails and will relieve the stress on the nail edge.

Use hand moisturizer. Just as the skin on your hands tends to dry out (for various reasons, washing your hands often, using cleaning products around the house, cold weather), so do your nails. So next time you use cream on your hands, make sure you massage some of it onto your nails. This trick is mostly important right after clipping your nails, when we advise you to wash your hands thoroughly and then apply plenty of moisturizer on your hands and nails.

Apply a protective layer. For thin or fragile nails, we recommend using a protective layer to help strengthen your nails. This way, you will keep your nails from breaking easily and will protect them against any accidental breakage (for example, when you’re pulling up your socks in the morning, rushing to get to school or work).

Now if you look again at our first tip above, it is not a coincidence that we recorded it as the very FIRST of our tips. You can make a huge difference in the way you look at clipping your nails if you use the right clippers fit for your hands, nails and toes, so have a look at our top 5 recommendations to set you up for successful nail clipping, more specifically our top 5 Japanese nail clippers available today:

Sharpness is the key word for all Green bell nail clippers. If you want to save time by not having to use a file to cross that perfect finish line, you need as sharp clippers as you can buy and these Green Bell clippers are IT! These clippers provide a solid cut even through the hardest of nails, so if you usually have a headache because you need to press too hard on your clippers in order to cut through your nail, fear not cause these clippers are just the answer for you.

Weighing 2.4 ounces, their ergonomic design helps having and holding a solid grip on your movement and you will no longer need to use a great amount of pressure when you clip. We recommend using these easy-to-use Japanese nail clippers regardless if you’re a man or woman, whether on your fingers or toes, but especially if your nails are thick and/or large.


Sharp cutting blades, clips in an instant

Solid grip, easy-to-use especially on thick nails

Multi-use, hands/toes, man/woman


May be a bit too robust for thin/small nails

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These high quality stainless steel Japanese clippers are an easy and safe pick for anyone looking for professional toe manicure at home. Japanese stainless steel has quite a reputation and these Seki nail clippers perfectly match that solid reputation with the highest of standards, so if you want to make sure you have your clippers for a long time, we highly recommend these ones. Due to the high blend of stainless steel, the cutting blades are extremely precise, meaning you clip once, you don’t need to clip again.

These clippers weigh 2.4 ounces and offer a very solid grip even in the clumsiest of hands. With a 12mm jaw width, and an opening height of 2mm, these clippers allow for comfortable clipping of nails having a medium width. And even though this nail clipper works best on toes, it also works on hand nails just as good, making it one of the best Japanese nail clippers you could dream of.


High quality stainless steel, very durable

Solid grip, easy-to-use

Best choice for toe nails


May not work so well on very thick toe nails

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If you want to go that extra mile and have a full set of clippers, one for your fingers and one for your toes (see point 2 above), we recommend to purchase these very durable Japanese nail clippers for the nails on your fingers. Made of very durable Japanese stainless steel, the sharp cutting blades won’t leave anything hanging behind, no more ripping, no more tearing, in short, no more headache!

With a 10 mm jaw width and a 2 mm opening height, these clippers have a thick solid build and they close easily and fluidly, ensuring you don’t miss a cut. And not only that, but you will put no effort whatsoever into pressing down to close the cutting blades, leaving your nail edge smooth and clean. If you are not particularly used to clippers, you should be really careful because these ones are extremely sharp, the sort of sharpness that lasts. So if you bring them along in your travel kit when you go on vacation, try to remember to take them out of the bag so you don’t injure yourself when looking for whatnot in your travel kit.


High quality stainless steel, very durable

Easy-to-use, cuts easily

Best choice for finger nails


A bit pricey, but high quality does come at a price

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Are you restless and not really a fan of clipping your nails flawlessly? You don’t really care for a fancy design as long as the clippers remain in your hand when you clip, and after you clip your nail is shorter and your finger isn’t bleeding? And last but not least, you don’t want to spend a lot on nail clippers, you just want something to get a decent job done and that’s that? Then this high quality, simple Japanese nail clipper is just the answer to all your questions.

Very light (just 1 ounce), simple handy design, allowing for the ideal grip in order to get a nice, clean cut. It doesn’t break easily, you don’t need to press that hard on the arm for it to move steadily, works well on finger nails and toe nails, it basically offers very decent clipping at a very decent price. These nail clippers are the best choice for trimming your nails at home when you just want to get things done and just have shorter nails cause well, you know, nails grow and absolutely need to be cut. That’s it. Simple, clean, decent.


Decent price, good value-for-money

Easy-to-use, cuts perfectly

Works both for finger nails and toes


No hole to add a key chain

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Green bell nail clippers do not disappoint in terms of sharpness. No, never. These clippers are guaranteed to cut through the hardest, most stubborn of nails one may have, so if this description fits you, purchase these excellent Japanese nail clippers and you will not regret.

The design is highly ergonomic and allows for an easy grip and control over that unwanted nail length that you need gone and once you click, the high quality cutting blades will do the job for you in the cleanest, easiest way possible. You will not miss nor twitch anymore, clipping your nails will become as easy as pie and you will find yourself wondering how exactly it happened that you missed or overlooked these high quality Japanese nail clippers until today. We know, we have often wondered the same thing.

And if you feel that you no longer have the same force in your hands/fingers as you used to, then rest assured that these clippers require but a simple movement, no high pressure needed to get that perfect clip. The cut is clean, no leftovers hanging behind on the edge of the nail, no need to use the file nor to chip the nail just a little bit again. These nail clippers will pass the stress test in any beginner or professional nail clippers users, so we do believe it’s high time you upgrade your nail tool.


Cuts like butter

Ergonomic grip, allows full control

Very durable, does not break


We didn’t find any

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How to choose the Best Japanese Nail Clippers of the market?


1. Green Bell G-1008 Nail Clipper (Takumi No Waza)
2. Seki Edge Stainless Steel Toe Nail Clippers (SS-107) Stainless Steel Toenail Clippers for Men & Women
3. Seki Edge Nail Clippers (SS-106) - Stainless Steel Fingernail Clippers for Men & Women
4. MUJI nail clipper Made in Japan Small 6cm
5. Green Bell G-1205 Nail Clipper (Takumi No Waza) Renewal of G-1008

Final words about the Best Japanese Nail Clippers

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1Green Bell G-1008 Nail Clipper (Takumi No Waza)
Green Bell G-1008 Nail Clipper (Takumi No Waza)
2Seki Edge Stainless Steel Toe Nail Clippers (SS-107) Stainless Steel Toenail Clippers for Men & Women
Seki Edge Stainless Steel Toe Nail Clippers (SS-107) Stainless Steel Toenail Clippers for Men & Women
3Seki Edge Nail Clippers (SS-106) - Stainless Steel Fingernail Clippers for Men & Women
Seki Edge Nail Clippers (SS-106) - Stainless Steel Fingernail Clippers for Men & Women