Best Nail Glue of 2024


Image Product Weight Price
NK1 Nail Bond NK1 Nail Bond 0.6 ounces $
Kiss Brush-on Nail Glue Kiss Brush-on Nail Glue 0.8 ounces $
Mia Secret with Calcium and Vitamin E Mia Secret with Calcium and Vitamin E 0.6 ounces $
Makartt Brush-on Nail Glue Makartt Brush-on Nail Glue 0.8 ounces $
Beauty Secrets Drip & Clog-proof Beauty Secrets Drip & Clog-proof 0.8 ounces $
Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue 0.48 ounces $
5 Second Nail Cosmetics 5 Second Nail Cosmetics 0.3 ounces $

Ah, nails! We all love a good manicure, right? Whether you like simple manicures, French manicures, glitter, rhinestones or nail art, long nails, short nails, prints or stamping, today we’ve got a variety of styles and colors to choose from. That’s why sometimes it’s hard to choose. But what takes a manicure from ordinary to fabulous? Well, you won’t think that’s it, but let’s spill it: nail glue. Yes, you’ve read that right.

The right nail glue can do wonders for your manicure. It can repair a broken nail when you think it’s unsavable, it can keep a rhinestone in place for a long time, it can help you put together a quick manicure using press-on nails, or it can hold nail tips in place. So, nail glue can be a lifesaver if you’re the type of person that likes to wear long nails, wear nail accessories or even change your nails often. Not to mention that nail glue could repair a broken natural or acrylic nail is seconds.

Many people are confused about whether there is a difference between the regular super glue and nail glue. They usually think these glues are the same thing, only marketed to be generally more expensive and targeted towards the right audience.

What’s the difference between super glue (regular glue) and nail glue?

Both regular super glue and nail glue use a variation of cyanoacrylate monomers that react and polymerize into acrylic through a combination of pressure and humidity (from the air). The difference can come from the other ingredients that nail glues usually have. Nail glues can be formulated to different consistencies for better application. Some of them don’t trap air bubbles inside or some are formulated especially for applying rhinestones. There are even water-resistant formulations, hypoallergenic glues and some super-fast drying glues that would cure in 5 seconds. 

The bottom line is this: both regular glue and nail glue are based on similar ingredients (more or less), but they can have different properties depending on their “recipe”. If you are in a hurry, you broke a nail and you need a quick fix, but all you have around is a bottle of super glue, it will do the job. But generally, you’re better off buying a nail glue that is specially formulated to hold a specific kind of material. Nail jewels are different in porosity compared to the actual nail itself, so if you glue a rhinestone with super glue, don’t expect it to stay there for a long time. Super glue cures into hard acrylic and it’s not flexible at all, nor can it withstand water exposure for long. Nail glue can be super strong and last a longer time.

That being said, if you are a nail enthusiast, a nail technician or artist, why not search for the appropriate glue for your nails? Every manicure deserves a good glue that can withstand a little wear and tear, especially if you like gems, stones and all sorts of accessories that need to be tightly secured.

If you are searching for the best nail glues on the market, we compiled a list that would come in handy anytime. So, let’s dive into it. Here are some of the most appreciated nail glues that you can currently find.

If you get acrylic nails frequently or you like press-on nails, here is a professional glue that even salons use to ensure great adhesion and flawless manicures. It is pricy, but you can expect great performance at this price.

This one works for anything, from acrylic nails, tips or press-on nails to nail art. It is water-resistant, which means that you can do your everyday work without the worry of nails-popping. Depending on how well you prep your nails before you apply the glue, they can last up to two weeks, and some people were able to keep their manicures intact for even longer. 

The precision brush helps with placement as well, so you can use this to glue-on your nail accessories. This glue is also compatible with all nail tips and you can use it to repair your broken natural nails as well. For maximum adhesion and perfect results, make sure you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, as a good nail glue is not just great by itself, but it also has to have the proper conditions to be able to work as advertised. 

Overall, this is a powerful nail glue that can save your day anytime. It’s easy to use, it’s small and compact, so you could take it with you and use it whenever you need a quick fix and it’s reliable. However, it comes with a high price and a smaller size than you find in other brands, but if you want a professional salon-like glue, this is the one you should buy.


Professional nail glue
Strong adhesion
Great precision brush
It works with all nail tips
It’s suitable for rhinestones and other nail ornaments


The price is high
The amount of product you get is smaller than what you see in similar products

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If you like an instant manicure, then you sure know a thing or two about press-on nails or you have tried them by now. This brush-on nail glue works wonders for fake nails, as well as tips and you can even fix a broken nail with it.

It looks just like a nail polish bottle and it’s very easy to use due to the brush applicator. If you’ve ever tried regular glues (those precision applicators), then you might already know they are a little bit hard to control when it comes to the amount of glue that comes out, especially when you use them to apply press-on nails. With this one, you paint the same way as if you were painting with polish and a single layer is enough. However, you can apply more if you feel like you need to. It dries to a shiny finish and it dries quickly too, in just seconds.

Another advantage of a brush is that you don’t get air bubbles trapped inside, as you only apply it in thin layers, and you can spread it evenly. This is a pack of two, so it’s a great deal, especially if you are constantly switching between different press-on nail sets, because this way, you could put one bottle in your purse and fix your nails on the go if needed.

Overall, this is a good option if you like to wear press-on nail sets or extensions. Just make sure the bottle neck stays glue-free as you don’t want your bottle to glue-shut.


2-in-1 pack
The brush is easy to use
You have control over the amount of glue that you use
Fairly strong glue, it can last up to a week, maybe more, depending on the nail prep and application
It dries quickly and has a shiny finish


The glue can dry in the bottle if you’re not careful and you keep it exposed to the air

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Yes, you are reading this correctly. This is a brush-on nail glue with Calcium and Vitamin E. Usually, glues have strong smells. It’s advised to use them in a well-ventilated area, so you won’t be exposed to the fumes for a long time, as they are generally not good for your health. This glue, however, counteracts the strong chemical smell (not totally, but it definitely smells less like a glue).

The small dosage of Calcium and Vitamin E help nourish your nails and slow down the damaging of glue. It’s runny, so be careful not to glue your cuticles or fingers when you apply it; just keep your hand steady and you should be done in seconds.

Customers are very pleased with this nail glue and most of them managed to keep their press-on nails between one and two weeks. Another little tip that you should follow regardless of the brand of glue you use: let it fully dry before washing your hands to ensure the best adhesion possible and the longest wear. You can use this glue when you’re applying tips, as well as rhinestones or other nail ornaments. Just make sure you pack a bit more glue on the brush for gems for the best adhesion.


Brush-on, easy to use
Calcium & vitamin E
It dries quickly


It’s a bit pricy
It’s runny, so be careful not to flood your cuticles

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If you want a gentler glue that’s not so toxic for your natural nails and won’t leave them flaky after removal, the Markartt nail glue is another good option. This glue is created to be used both on natural nails, as well as acrylics, press-on nails or for securing small gems with a flat bottom. It’s made out of ingredients that are safe for natural nail application, so if you have a broken or cracked nail, you can use it without a worry.

It dries very quickly, so you would have to move fast, but if it’s applied correctly and you’ve done all the nail prep, your manicure should last for well over one week. As you can see in the pictures, this is another brush-on product and it’s very easy to use. It applies smoothly, in even layers and you have control over the amount of glue that you need depending on what you are using it for. Those who used it said it was not too runny, so you won’t risk flooding your cuticles or getting it on your skin. 

This glue is not filled to the top because it tends to expand when it’s exposed to high temperatures, so if you see less of it in the bottle, don’t worry, you’re not being scammed. It’s just a precaution measure. All bottles contain 0.23 ounces of glue, so it’s not exactly a significant amount, especially considering the price point. 


No added harsh chemicals
Good for acrylics, fake nails, rhinestones and natural nails
Easy to use
It applies evenly
It’s not too runny
It dries quickly


Small bottle, smaller amount of product
It is expensive

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This glue container is designed in such a way that it prevents clogging or dripping. If you prefer a precision application and you don’t care for brushes, this is an excellent alternative to those brush-on glues that can sometimes dry and clog before the entire bottle of glue is finished. The stopper on the top prevents the glue from drying out and the formula helps a lot too.

It dries fast and it holds nail tips, breaks and tears or gems for up to two weeks; some users were able to keep their manicure flawless for four weeks, but that requires meticulous nail preparation, as you know. The other nice thing about this glue is that it doesn’t contain sulfates, parabens, silicones and other chemicals (the list is long).

The price is comparable to other professional brands, but it’s still relatively affordable, so if you need a strong glue formula that doesn’t come in a bottle, but a tube, this is a great option. Also, if you are looking at the picture and think that this is a small tube, think again. This has 10 grams (0.35 oz) of product, so it’s not as small as a super glue tube, on the contrary, you get a decent amount of product for this price.


Great adhesion
Precision applicator
Non-dripping, non-clogging design
Free of many chemicals
Great for repairing nails, for gluing tips and press-on nails


Still a bit on the pricier side

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Last but not least, the most appreciated and commented of all nail glues: Nailene Ultra Quick. When we found this nail glue, we understood why there was so much hype around it.

First of all, it is a very low-priced nail glue. For this little about of money, you could buy a dozen of bottles and you won’t regret it. Secondly, the adhesion is incredibly strong and if you prep your nails and apply it correctly, your press-on nails can last up to 3 weeks. That is impressive for such a low price point. Another property is the fast setting time. You have to hold it for just 5 seconds and it’s on. Some people said it dried even faster than that, so you have to be careful not to spill it on your skin or other materials, because it’s a pain to remove.

It’s easy to apply, you just have to squeeze the bottle to get a drip at a time and you can use this for repairing natural cracked nails, for press-on nails, acrylics and nail ornaments. Be very careful, as this nail glue is exactly as advertised, strong and long wearing, so it could cause flaky nails if it’s not removed correctly. Don’t try to pry it off and don’t scrape your natural nails but try soaking your nails in soapy water or acetone.


Low price
You can use it on natural and artificial nails
Easy to use
Very strong adhesion
It dries very fast (5 seconds or less)


It’s hard to remove
It could cause flaky nails if you don’t have patience when removing the glue

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If you have sensitive nails or skin, or you have allergy problems, especially when it comes to adhesives or other nail products, this is the nail glue for you. This nail glue is hypoallergenic, which means it doesn’t have some harsh chemicals that could cause allergies, and that’s great news. It’s a brush-on glue, so if you like these types of products, you know that they are easy to use and fuss-free as they don’t drip, and you can control the amount that goes on your nails.

This glue’s formula dries in 5 seconds, so you have to be fast on the one hand, but on the other hand this is perfect if you’re in a hurry or if you just don’t like to sit around and wait. For the quality, the price is very reasonable, actually, it’s lower than what you’ve seen before. You can’t go wrong with this nail glue, especially since it’s so easy to use and it doesn’t cause allergy breakouts. This one here comes in a pack of two, so you can leave one at home and put the other one in your purse just for emergencies. 

The only possible downside for brush-on glues that come in a bottle is that you have to be careful and limit their exposure to air, as they will dry out at some point and leave you unable to use whatever is left in the bottle. Otherwise, this is a handy option if you’re a fan of fake nails or you need a quick fix for your natural nails.


Good price point
Strong adhesion
It dries very fast, in just 5 seconds
Brush-on, easy to use
You can control the amount of glue that you need to apply


It can dry in the bottle if you are not careful enough

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That’s it for our list of the best nail glues that you can find right now. We hope it will prove useful. If you are a beginner as far as fake nails and glues are concerned, and you still have questions, here are some quick answers that you might find helpful.


There are different kinds of nail glues out there, and some of them can be very adherent and stubborn to get off of your nails. Whatever you do, don’t scrape your glue off as you can damage your natural nails. First, try to soak them in soapy water for 5 to 10 minutes. If the glue doesn’t seem to come off easily, soak them in acetone for another few minutes and that should do the trick. Remember that acetone can be very drying to your skin, so don’t forget to moisturize your hands after and apply some cuticle oil.


Yes and no. it depends on the type of glue you use and the frequency of use. If you are constantly swapping your press-on nails using a cheap glue, you can end up with flaky and exfoliated nails. However, if you prep them correctly and take care of them properly, as well as using a nail glue and not a super glue to adhere your fake nails, you shouldn’t have problems.


All glues, regardless of their specific use are releasing fumes into the air. The substances that are used in glues are not supposed to be inhaled and you’re not supposed to be exposing yourself to these fumes for a long time. Try to use your nail glue in a well-ventilated area and don’t stay too close to the bottle or tube for too long. It shouldn’t be damaging to your health as long as you follow the instructions.

Table of Contents

How to choose the Best Nail Glue of the market?


1. NK1 Nail Bond
2. Kiss Brush-on Nail Glue
3. Mia Secret with Calcium and Vitamin E
4. Makartt Brush-on Nail Glue
5. Beauty Secrets Drip & Clog-proof
6. Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue
7. 5 Second Nail Cosmetics

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