UV nail lamp, for a successful manicure every time!

The UV nail lamp: what is it?

A tool to reduce drying time

The UV nail lamp reduces the drying time of a varnish or gel used to apply false nails. This system is necessary to succeed manicure for sure.

Drying under a UV lamp

If you choose to use a semi-permanent UV varnish, for example, it is essential to have a UV nail lamp to dry. Traditionally, this operation lasts only a few minutes, which is far from being constraining. The hand is comfortably installed in the machine developed for this purpose and naturally the UV rays are painless for the skin. Most often, a timer system is integrated into the device: after a while, the device automatically turns off.

How to choose your UV nail lamp?

Products available

Initially, the UV nail lamp was rather intended for professional use. Today, many women choose to use this product independently. They mobilize it to dry UV varnish or apply a UV gel to paste false nails. There are several powers, ranging from 9 to 75 Watts. For a person of amateur level, we recommend choosing a model to 36 Watts, widespread and having sufficient energy for maximum efficiency.

The price of a UV nail lamp

In the market, you can find a UV nail lamp at a price corresponding to your budget. Indeed, there is a wide range of rates, depending on the different benefits offered by the device. The manufacturers, the options, the size or the materials used are all factors likely to influence the cost of the product. Generally, the entry level is around $15 - while the most sophisticated items can cost you around $100. The UV lamp can be purchased very easily over the Internet.

How to apply and dry a UV gel on the nails?

Prepare the nails

The UV nail lamp is mainly used to dry the gel effect UV varnish. Before applying this product, make sure that it adheres perfectly to the surface. Begin by filing the nail and pushing back the cuticles. Subsequently, file the entire surface, in order to avoid any shine effect. Naturally, it is strongly recommended to apply a layer of fixative, useful to constitute a true base facilitating the arrangement of the gel.

The laying of the gel

Using a brush, carefully apply the gel without touching the edge - while covering the surface as much as possible. Traditionally, we put three layers to perfect the result. Between two layers, the UV nail lamp is used for about 2 minutes, in order to dry everything. Once the hand is under the lamp, remove the remaining fat layer with a dry cotton, so that the nail is completely smooth. Finally, think of spreading a clear varnish, in order to add shine at the end of your hands.

The gel effect manicure at the beautician

Knowledge for a perfect result

If you have, with a little equipment and dexterity, the possibility of applying your gel polish with a UV nail lamp in autonomy, it is however recommended to carry out this operation at a beautician. Indeed, the latter received training and passed a diploma to justify her skills in manicure. It can therefore achieve an ideal hand care, offering you to add patterns and a little fantasy. The result will necessarily be more successful than autonomy, thanks to the know-how of the professional and its equipment, generally more powerful than yours, bought on the Internet or in stores.

A moment of pleasant well-being

At a beautician, you are invited to spend a real moment of well-being. If the professional takes care of your nails, she does not hesitate, if necessary, to give you beauty tips at your request. In addition, it works in a relaxing environment, which really allows you to have a good time. Finally, offering a semi-permanent professional manicure once in a while will do you good, knowing that prices are generally affordable and that you can always make comparisons between different offers near you.

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