UV nail lamp, for a successful manicure every time!

What is a UV nail lamp anyway?

A device that will considerably reduce that boring drying time

The UV nail lamp is the most important device when it comes to applying nail polish or a gel to nails. Without this particular lamp, the result will not be the desired one, nor the most long-lasting.

Drying under a UV lamp

When you decide to use a semi-permanent UV nail polish, for example, you will need a UV nail lamp to dry it. Usually, this operation takes only a couple of minutes, time that you will spend with your hand comfortably installed in the device that is specially built for drying your nail polish using the UV rays. Most of the UV nail lamps are provided with a timer that will automatically turn off once the process has finished.

How to choose your UV nail lamp?

Products available

At the beginning of this industry, the UV nail lamp was produced and commercialized only for professional use, but nowadays women from all over the world are using this device in the comfort of their homes. They are using it to dry the UV nail polish or even to apply a UV gel to create the effect of false nails. The models range from a small power like 9 Watts to a maximum power of even 75 Watts. The recommended model for a medium experienced person is 36 Watts that uses enough electrical energy to provide a maximum of results.

The price of a UV nail lamp

On the market that are several UV nail lamps to suit every budget. The prices vary depending on the different benefits each device has to offer. The criteria range from the manufacturers, the size, the options, the material and they are all direct influencers in deciding the price for sale. The entry level for a UV nail lamp starts at as less as $15, and it can even get to $100. You can purchase any UV nail lamp from online stores.

How to apply and dry the UV gel polish on the nails?

Prepare the nails

The UV nail lamp is usually used to dry the gel nail polish using the UV rays. A perfect adherence of this product has a direct relationship with the preparing stage which means you will need to fill the nails and gently push back the cuticles. Next, you will file the entire surface to avoid a shine effect. For the best results, it is recommended to apply a layer of base coat that will assure the gel will adhere to the nails.

The applying of the gel

Next, you will apply the gel using a brush with high attention to not touching the edge of the nails, and covering the nail surface as good as possible. For a good result, it is recommended to put two layers of the gel you like. Before applying the second gel layer, the UV nail lamp will be used for about 2 minutes to dry it. When you got the hand under the lamp, quickly remove the remaining fat layer using dry cotton, and the nail will be completely smooth. The last step is to apply a clear top coat to add shine to your nails.

The gel effect manicure at the nail professional

Knowledge for a perfect result

If you want nail art, a UV nail lamp is more than a necessity for correctly applying the gel nail polish.     

When you want professional results, you go to a professional, so applying the gel to your nails requires going to a nail professional. This person has graduated some classes, has a couple of degrees in the domain, and hopefully some years of experience in the industry. The nail professional will mix the knowledge with creativity to offer you the best looking nail art.

A moment of pleasant well being

Going to a nail technician equals offering some relaxing time to yourself at least once per month. During the process of creating nail art, the nail professional will not hesitate to ask questions and offer you the best possible advice she can.

Going to a salon to get your semi-permanent manicure is a good idea to release the pressure and offer a retreat to yourself. The prices are not always as high as you might think they are, and after proper research, you may find out there are some excellent offers near you.

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