Underrated Secrets In Learning How To Care For Your Feet And Toenails

Feet are some of the most important parts of your body, hence their constant demand for attention and care. When your feet are healthy, you can face everyday challenges and agitation much easier, not to mention your comfort. Now, learning how to care for your feet and toenails is not that hard. Treat yourself to a nice spa every once in a while, but remember that the most common procedures can be done at home too. Lots of people forget to massage their feet, revitalize and hydrate them. They ignore the fact that the most common remedies are right under their nose.

Protect Yourself Against Heat and Cold

Avoid to go bare naked on the beach or hot surfaces. Sure, it doesn't sound like fun. Who would wear shoes on the beach? Right! Just stick to slippers instead. Sand is extremely hot. Use slippers in spas, saunas and pools as well. On another note, if your feet tend to get cold overnight, just wear socks. They may not be too comfortable when you sleep, but they're needed. Don't use water bags or electric blankets to heat your feet because they'll dry them.

Wash Your Feet Everyday

And do it with delicacy! For your feet to be strong and maintain the right temperature, wash them everyday with warm water and a delicate soap with a neutral pH. Putting your feet in warm water after a long day at work is one of the most comfortable things in the world. Don't exaggerate though! The best foot bath shouldn't take more than 15 minutes, regardless of what healthy substances you put in the water.

Don't Neglect Hydration

Your feet shouldn't be too wet, but not too dry either. Although they're exposed to everyday stress and they take thousands of steps everyday, the skin should be properly hydrated. How can you tell? Simple! Just make sure it feels smooth and soft. Apart from regular baths, a natural hydrating cream will work wonders on the skin.

Look after Your Nails

It's highly recommended for your nails to be nicely filed. Filing them regularly will prevent the need to trim them every once in a while. Besides, a nail file will give them a good shape. When the time comes, use the best nail clippers to trim them, rather than some cheap unit from the nearest shop.

Double check them every once in a while and try to observe potential problems early – such as color or texture changes. Moreover, never borrow the tools for nail hygiene.

What about Your Shoes?

Use the right type of shoes for both indoors and outdoors. When you try something new, don't wear it for a long period of time. Take it slowly. Feel comfortable – not too large and not too tight.

In conclusion, it's important to be consequent in foot care, regardless of where you are – home, at work or on holiday. They represent an important part of your body, so examine and care for them responsibly. Keep them away from chemical solutions or other substances that might harm them.

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