Spectacular pedicure nail designs

You have to take care of your feet always even if it's cold outside. Don't wait for the summer to make a complete pedicure, do it regularly. If it is the cold season, women use to neglect their feet. We recommend doing pedicure frequently to achieve a healthy appearance of your feet. Follow these basic tips and tricks to get a spectacular pedicure.

How to take care of toenails properly

Because you are in constant contact with the ground, your nails can get dirty very easy, that’s why they deserve the same attention as the nails of your hands. You should wash with soap and water and let them rest a few minutes and then clean each one deeply.

Nail polishes contain different products which can damage your nails. You should let them rest at least a few days especially when products have questionable quality. Do your pedicure every fifteen days to protect and keep your nails healthy.

Let your imagination fly with the most creative nails art and pay attention to the following steps to find out how to take care of your toenails:

Soak off your feet into a foot bath filled with warm water to soften the nails and then you can handle them easily. Take a foot file and remove the dead skin and massage your feet to exfoliate them. You can also apply a particular product for moisturizing and relax your feet. To obtain the best results try to use only the best products.

Next step by using a nail clipper you have to cut your nails straight, carefully, and not too short so that they will not grow inside the skin and become incarnate.

Ideally suited for the toenails shape is a cardboard or wooden file. File short and carefully because, in the long run, the toenails can break.

Cut the cuticles with the help of a nail cuticle remover or push them back using an orange stick. Avoid cutting them completely to prevent unpleasant infections.

If your toenails have a healthy appearance, apply a base coat otherwise if you noticed that they are weak and brittle apply a strengthening treatment.

Choose your favorite nail polish and apply it by thin layers to avoid air bubbles, as many times as necessary, until you achieve the desired tone. Don't forget to seal the nail edge. Finally, use a transparent top coat so that the color will last longer.

Three fantastic pedicure designs for perfect feet

If you are one of those girls who like to try new pedicure designs, it is time to choose the one that matches your personality.

  1. Design with flowers

  2. This model is the simplest of the three that we propose. You will need a nail polish, preferably a pink tone that covers well, and a nail punch.

    Apply a color as a base, and then with a fine brush and white enamel draw five petals on the thumb. How can you do that? Place an enamel point on the nail and spread it. Next to the flower, you can also draw small green leaves. To finish the floral design apply a transparent top coat layer to give it more shine and resistance.

  3. Design with lines and spots on the toenails

  4. For this design we recommend you to choose a bluish color, but you can select the one you like the most.

    First, we paint the nail base with light blue, dark blue, beige or other color but in a suitable way.

    Make sure the nail polish is dry and then paste horizontally thin strips on the nail thumb. Apply a contrast color layer on top and then remove the strips. For example, use a dark blue background and a light blue as the second layer.

    Optionally use a nail brush to cover the strips with glitter. Paint and decorate the other nails as you like.

    Finish your design with a professional top coat to give your nails a lovely look that will last longer than before.

  5. Design with glitter nail polish

  6. For the latest pedicure design, we will choose the coral tone combined with the gold because it seems an ideal mix, but you can combine other colors.

    Apply a thin layer of red or coral nail polish on the toenails, so that they stay bright and eye-catching.

    Using a nail brush and a golden colored enamel, draw a diagonal line on the middle of the fingernail and fill it. If this nail polish contains glitter, you will get an even more spectacular result.

    Inside the golden part that you drew on the thumb, place several ornaments and decorate the rest of the nails as you wish.

    Finally, apply a transparent nail polish to make your feet look perfect.

Use these simple tricks and tips and doing the pedicure at home will no longer be a problem. Your feet will always look attractive, but remember that you should go to an expert once in a while.

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