Spectacular pedicure nail designs

Taking care of your feet is one essential advice during the winter season. You are wrong to think that only in the summer, your feet need a complete pedicure – you have to do it regularly, so you avoid issues due to neglecting them. We strongly advise you to do pedicure as often as possible to maintain a healthy look of your feet. Following the basic tips and tricks, we are going to detail will help you have a spectacular pedicure.

Taking care of your toenails properly

Due to constant contact to the ground, your nails can get dirty quickly, and this is the main reason they need more attention than the hand nails. You can wash them using soap and warm water. After letting them rest for a few minutes, you can properly clean them.

The nail polish you are using to paint your toenails is another product that may damage the health of your nails. When you are using products of which quality you are unsure, you should let them rest for a few days between painting them to help them recover. Keeping your nails healthy requires doing your pedicure once fifteen days. This way you will keep them protected.

Unbelievable, but your toenails can be painted in many ways, so let your imagination fly with the most creative nails art. Here are a few tips to take care of your toenails at home:

A foot bath is one fantastic idea to use when soaking off your feet in warm water to soften the nails. You will handle them more comfortable this way. With a foot file, you can easily remove the dead skin and massage the feet to exfoliate them. If you like, you can use a particular moisturizing product to relax your feet. To get the best results, you will have to use the best products.

After doing this, you will have to take a nail clipper and cut your nails straight. Be careful at the edges and cut them so they will not grow in your skin and produce pain while walking. The incarnated nails are the worst when it comes to making a mistake in the toenails cutting.

Once cut, the toenails need to be filed using a wooden or cardboard file. You have to pay attention to filling too because the toenails can easily break if you don’t file them short and carefully.

Now you have to cut the cuticles using a nail cuticle remover or push them back using an orange wood stick, which is the best option. Cutting them may cause unwanted consequences like infections.

When your toenails look healthy, you should apply a base coat, yet when their appearance is weak and fragile, you should use a treatment for increasing the strength. Now it’s time to pick your favorite nail polish color and apply it in thin layers to avoid air bubbles. You can add a layer or even more if you like it. One important feature is to seal the nail edge. Lastly, apply a transparent top coat to make the color last longer than usual.

Three fantastic pedicure designs for perfect feet look

If you usually like trying new designs on your toenails, then you should always find the one that matches your personality.

  1. Floral design
  2. This model is one of the simplest designs you can choose to create. Therefore, you will need nail polish. Usually, a pink one will do, and a file.

    Proceed by applying a base coat, and then using a fine brush and white nail polish draw five petals on the thumb. How to do that? Well, it’s simple if you know this simple trick: paint a point on the nail and then quickly spread it. You can even add small green leaves next to your flower. To finish this floral design feel free to apply a transparent top coat to offer your design more shine and resistance.
  3. Line and spots designs for your toenails
  4. This particular design requires a bluish color, but you can select the tone that you like best.

    Firstly, you will need to paint the nail base with light blue, beige or even dark blue.

    Then make sure the nail polish is dry before painting thin horizontal strips on the nail thumb. Apply a different color layer on top and then remove the strips you previously added. You can use a nail brush to cover the strips with glitter. Finish your design by using a professional top coat for resistance.

  5. Glitter nail polish design
  6. This design requires a coral tone and gold nail polish. Start by applying a thin layer of coral nail polish on the toenails, and then use your nail brush to draw a diagonal golden line on the middle of the fingernail, then fill it. If the selected nail polish contains glitter, the result will be a fabulous one.

    Inside the golden part, you can place ornaments and decorate the rest of the nail as you please. The final step is to add transparent nail polish to make the design last longer.

Using this simple tricks and tips will make a spectacle out of your homemade pedicure that will last as if it were a professional one. Even if you can do it at home, from time to time, make time to go to a professional for a better approach.

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