Semi Permanent Nail Polish: What Is It and How to Apply

You love to make yourself beautiful, so every day you perform a sacred ritual in which you go over every inch of your body in order to bring out the best in yourself. However, you have to spend a lot of time on this, how about saving time by glazing your hands and feet, read on and discover all the secrets of semi-permanent nail polish.

What is semi-permanent nail polish?

It is a type of manicure or pedicure that manages to maintain the color of our nails for two or three weeks in perfect condition, without messing them in the least. How is it achieved? It's all thanks to an acrylic gel that, mixed with the nail polish you apply and dried with ultraviolet rays, manages to harden it beyond normal times.

You won't be able to tell it apart from a classic nail polish since both have the same texture. Only thanks to its greater durability and a little more shine you will notice the difference. 

When is it advisable to have a semi-permanent manicure done?

If you like to have your hands done, any time of the year is good for semi-permanent manicure. However, in the case of the feet, it is more frequent to use it in summer, since it is more visible when you wear your feet uncovered for a longer period of time.

In addition, this enamel resists very well to the beach, pool and rubbing, being ideal for the summer season and the use of sandals. Furthermore, it does not get damaged by wearing closed shoes if you do sports, for example.

How do you maintain the semi-permanent nail polish?

This semi-permanent nail polish does not require any maintenance, however, due to its long duration, you can enamel the new part of the nail when it has grown to prolong the enamel a few more weeks.

Applying semi-permanent nail polishing step by step

This type of polishing starts exactly the same as the classic polishing, that is, doing a pedicure or manicure to prepare feet and hands, removing cuticles and skin that may be left around, and leaving the nail clean and clear.

Then, with a special fine file for feet or hands, polish the nail to remove any traces of oil and apply a dehydrator to completely remove the remains of oil.

Next, it's time to take the tangent to lead the way to the semi-permanent enamel. The first step is the application of a base that has the function of sealing the enamel to the nail.

In order to dry it, use a UV lamp or, failing that, an LED lamp for three minutes on each foot or hand. In general, you must use this type of lamp during the whole process of enamelling, otherwise the product will never dry.

Then, choose the color you want to wear. Nowadays there is a very wide range of colors and textures in semi-permanent enameling to look perfect. 

Once you have chosen the colour of the enamel, apply it and repeat the step of the lamp again, repeating with two layers of enamel. It is very important to seal the tips of the nails with the polish to prevent them from peeling, as the tip always rubs against everything.

Then apply the base coat, to fix and give shine and fix with the UVA lamp.

Finally, clean the remaining product on the nail with a special cleaner and hydrate it with cuticle oil.

How to remove the semi-permanent manicure?

If you do not have any experience removing semi-permanent nail polish, it  is very important to go to a salon professional to remove the nail polish because you need  a special product that softens the nail polish and allows you to remove it without damaging the nail. 

If it is done without the right conditions, cracks or flakes can occur, damaging the natural aspect of the nail.

Warnings about semi-permanent manicure

Yes, even semi-permanent glazes have disadvantages. For example, loss of gloss, strength, colour changes and increased fragility of the nail are associated with excessive use of this type of polish. It is important to know that if we have fragile or damaged nails we should avoid this manicure, because for a long time the nail stays covered by the polish.

Consult your trusted aesthetician who will advise you on which is the best product to use, on the other hand, you can also resort to hypoallergenic nail polish and it is recommended not to trim the cuticles excessively during the manicure as this can cause infections and skin inflammations.

And as we said before, be careful when removing the ename. Also, when you’re done, we recommend applying a good nourishing oil.

Semi-permanent nail designs

Let your imagination run wild and apply an innovative design to your nails. Manicure has no limits and now that you are going to wear it for a longer period of time, take advantage of it to capture a beautiful drawing on your fingers.

Permanent and semi-permanent nail polish, which one do you choose?

Although your objective is the same, to achieve a perfect manicure, with a natural look and as long-lasting as possible, the methodology varies somewhat. Therefore, here you have all the keys so that you know how to differentiate it and choose the service that best suits you.

The basic difference between both nail polishes is that the acrylic used in the perm melts with the natural nail, thus making it impossible for the nail polish to come off the nail and prevent it from breaking. If the nail comes out well it looks beautiful, but be careful, because you have to be very careful to avoid a thick and uneven effect of the nail polish.

On the other hand, in semi-permanent nail polish the product does not melt with the natural nail so it is less damaged. So why does it last so long? Simply because when it starts to wear out, the manicure is reinforced with protective layers that close the product so that it does not break or come off.

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