How to remove gel nail polish without damaging the nails

Removing the gel nail from your nails can sound difficult, but in reality, it is a simple procedure if you know a few tips. How to remove the gel nail polish without bringing damage to your nails health? We will figure it out the in following lines.

We will talk about how to remove the gel nail polish without damaging the nails. Gel nail polish is one of the most popular and loved nail art due to its nice design and long-lasting. You can get a gel nail polish manicure even at home; you don’t have to go to a nail technician for that. You can also remove it at home, no worries. All you need to know is a few tips and tricks to make the job easier. Nowadays gel nails are the hottest trend, and removing them is comfortable without damaging your nails!

  1. Do not remove it with your hands!
  2. Even if you feel the temptation to remove it with your hands, try to resist when you see the first small “crack.” Removing it with your fingers is a dangerous procedure because the nails are fragile and you will damage them instead of enjoying them for weeks. Other than that, the sensation you will have during the pulling and lifting of the nail polish from your nails is not something to ask.

  3. Things you need?
  4. You don’t need unique items to get this done at home. You probably already have all these in your home: nail polish remover, cotton balls or cotton pads, nail file, aluminum foil, and orange wood stick.

  5. Use a nail file
  6. You don’t need anything fancy for this task. A cardboard or glass file will do the job, meaning removing the gel nail polish that offers you that gloss effect you long desired. Gently fill your nails with the file you and not even think about changing the direction. When you are doing your manicure at home, please leave on the nails only the color layer you will remove with the nail polish remover.

  7. Aluminum foil and cotton
  8. Now you have to cut the foil into squares that are big enough to perfectly wrap your fingers, and soak the cotton balls in the nail polish remover. Then you will place the cotton pads on your fingers before covering them with aluminum foil. Do this operation for each finger.

  9. Timer?
  10. The time for this step will be different for each color due to its intensity, the type of nail polish, and the technique type you are using. Generally, the duration is somewhere between fifteen minutes before “freeing” your fingers from the aluminum and then cotton pads.

  11. The removing of the gel nail polish
  12. This step requires taking the orange wood stick and trying to push form the bottom of your nail to remove the nail polish. After carefully removing it, a small amount of waste will remain, but you will get rid of it by using the nail polish remover once more.

  13. Last step
  14. After removing the nail polish from your nails, all you need to do is to rinse your hands in warm water, and then moisturize them with a sensitive skin cream. You can also give your hands a little massage to get softer hands and healthy nails.

The first time, this process may seem confusing and tricky, but with more practice, you will nail it and love your gel nail polish manicure.

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