How to remove gel nail polish without damaging the nails

Do you know how to remove the gel nail polish without damaging the nails? It has a specific technique, but you can do it by yourself at home in a simple way.

We'll explain you how to remove the gel nail polish without damaging the nails. Gel nail polish is, in fact, loved very much by all of us because of its shiny finish and its ability to make our nails look perfect longer, but having to go to the beautician to remove it is definitely a nuisance. Here are the tips and tricks so you can do it with total autonomy at your own home. Nowadays gel nails are fashionable, and we recommend you to follow our tips in order to get what you desire without damaging your nails!

  1. Do not remove it with your hands.
  2. The temptation is strong, especially when we begin to see small "cracks" in our gel nail polish, but beware! Do not remove it with your fingers, because the nails are very fragile and the damage would last for weeks. Also, the feeling of pulling and lifting the enamel with your fingers is not very pleasant.

  3. What do you need?
  4. Everything you need is likely to have at home. Get a specific nail polish remover, cotton balls or cotton pads, a nail file, an aluminum foil sheet and an orange wood stick.

  5. Use a nail file
  6. Get a standard nail file, cardboard or glass, to "scrape" the gel nail polish, which gives the gloss effect. Pass the file on the nails gently but decisively, every time in the same direction. As when you do your manicure at home, make sure you leave on the nails only the layer of the color you are going to remove with the nail polish remover.

  7. Aluminum foil and cotton
  8. Cut the foil into squares large enough to wrap the fingers and wet the cotton balls in the nail polish remover. First of all, put the soaked cotton on the nail and wrap it with aluminum foil. Repeat the operation when finishing with the other hand.

  9. How long does it take?
  10. The time varies according to the intensity of the color, the type of enamel and the type of technique used in each case. In general, we recommend that you wait for about fifteen minutes before removing the cotton and aluminum.

  11. The removing
  12. At this point, take the orange wood stick and try to push from the bottom, in order to remove the enamel. You will see how the waste can still remain, so we need to insist and apply a new bath with the nail polish remover.

  13. Finish the job
  14. When you have managed to remove all the gel polish from your nails, rinse your hands with warm water and moisturize them by applying a good cream for sensitive skin and also give yourself a little massage in order to have soft hands and healthy nails.

After a few attempts you’ll be much more skillful and you will find it easier than before to remove the gel nail polish at home.

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