How to remove acrylic nails

Today we are going to talk about how to remove acrylic nails. There is a simple, fast, and effective way to do it at home. We know you love your manicure, but there came a moment when you got to take it off and get a new one. You may get a new one or even stop wearing false nails, and you must know how to do it yourself.

Here are three simple techniques for you to choose the one you find suitable for your needs.

How to remove acrylic nails with acetone

This is the most classic method to do it using acetone.

We are going to explain this method by using a step-by-step guide for you to have a better understanding of the process.

We will need the following things:

Once you have it all, you can proceed to the next steps.

Firstly, you need to prepare your hands for the process. Start with trimming your acrylic nails using a nail clipper. You can also file the surface of the nails to make them thinner. Then we proceed with making long and smooth movements using a file on the entire surface. This way you can remove the decorations, the nail polish, and the acrylics. Final step means pouring the acetone into a small container to soak our hands inside. Be very careful while handling the acetone due to its high flammability. You can combine it with hot water to give your hands a relaxing moment.

Other things you must have in mind when handling it:

  • never to try heating it in the microwave
  • do not smoke or lighten something nearby
  • perform the process in a well-ventilated room so you won’t be overexposed to gases.

It is recommended to use a moisturizer payer or even Vaseline for your hands to protect your skin from irritations.

The exciting part comes right now:

  • Soak the cotton balls in acetone
  • Put them on the fingers tips
  • Wrap them in aluminum strips
  • Wait for the nails to soak for about 30 minutes

Carefully remove the protective layer after 30 minutes.

At this moment you should be able to remove acrylic nails by using a small toothpick or something similar. If you can’t do it, then you got to repeat the process from the beginning. You will use a polishing block to remove any remaining part on the nails. One advantage is that the acrylic will be soft after the soaking part.

If you notice that they begin to harden, then take a cotton ball, put it in acetone and use it to moisten. Now you got to give a good shape to your natural nails. Use the nail clippers to create a uniform design. Use the polishing block to equalize the surface with long and smooth movements.

The final step is to wash the hands with soap. You can apply a moisturizer to protect the hands.

This whole process taught you how to remove acrylic nails using acetone.

How to remove acrylic nails without acetone

Some of you prefer to stay away from chemicals when it comes to your nails. For them, we designed this second approach that doesn’t involve acetone.

You will need the following:

  • files
  • polishing block
  • nail clipper
  • chopsticks and scissors for cuticles
  • moisturizer

You will start by cutting the acrylic tips using the nail clipper. Then you remove the acrylic from your nails with the help of polishing block.

Here are a few tips to do it correctly:

  • work one nail at a time
  • use smooth, long and firm movements
  • practice until you see only a small remaining layer
  • be careful not to damage your natural nails

This is the moment when the cuticle stick comes on the stage. Use this device to lift the edge of the acrylic nail. For the next step, you will need patience and attention to details.

Carefully introduce the scissors in the hole you already lifted with the toothpick and quickly cut the gel. Work little by little.

Final step means using the polishing pad to retouch the result and apply a layer of moisturizer.

How to remove acrylic nails with dental floss

You will need the following things:

  • nail clipper
  • files
  • cuticle stick
  • floss
  • moisturizing cream (super important)

You will use the cuticle stick to lift the lower edge of the acrylic nails. Now you introduce the thread in the hole. You will also need a new pair of hands for this step. Your partner will gently slide the thread towards himself, and you will make kind of a sawing motion. It’s best for him not to do it too fast. The process repeats for all your nails. The final touch means using a polisher and setting a layer of moisturizer.

Warnings and tips to remove them without pain

When you try for a couple of times, and you can’t take them off yourself, you should see a nail technician. You don’t need to endure pain in taking them off. He will know better how to do it effortlessly.

When it comes to your nails, think to your health. Do everything that makes you feel better and if something goes wrong, see a doctor. Do not forget that acetone is a hazardous substance. Do not risk at all. Use a glass container even if you were thinking of a plastic one.

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