How to remove acrylic nails

Today we are going to show you how to remove acrylic nails. Fast, simple and effective. We are sure that you love your manicure, however there always comes a time when you have to take it off. Either to renew it or because you want to stop wearing false nails for a while we will show you how to do it yourself.

We have prepared 3 different techniques so you can choose the one you like most.

How to remove acrylic nails with acetone

Let's start with the most classic method, with acetone.

For this we will write a small step-by-step guide that will help us with the process.

First we need to have the following instruments:

You have it all? Let's do it!

First of all we have to make sure that we go through the usual preparation tasks for our hands. For this we started using a nail clipper to trim the tips of our acrylic nails. If you see that you have a hard time cutting them, they are probably too thick. You can file the surface to make them thinner. Do it gently since we do not want to damage the nail bed. Then we begin to make long and smooth movements with a file over the entire surface. This will allow us to remove the decorations, the enamel and finally the acrylics. Finally we pour the acetone into a small container that we will use to soak our hands. Remember that acetone is flammable, so be careful when handling it. You can mix it with hot water to make the process more pleasant.

Other factors to take into account when handling it are:

  • never try to heat it in the microwave
  • do not smoke nearby
  • make sure you perform the process in a well-ventilated room so you won’t be exposed to gases too much.

Then it is advisable to apply a layer of moisturizer or Vaseline for our hands, especially in the area of stepfathers. Keep in mind that it will protect your skin and avoid irritations.

Tip: You can use a swab to apply the cream much more accurately.

Now comes the interesting part:

  • we soak cotton balls with acetone
  • e put them on fingers tips
  • we wrap it with aluminum strips to secure them
  • we put the nails soaking for about 30 minutes

After 30 minutes we remove the protective layer.

We should be able to remove acrylic nails easily with the help of a small toothpick or similar object. If this is not happen, we should repeat the process and immerse them for another time. We will use a polishing block to scrape any remaining damage that we find. We have the advantage that the acrylic will be very soft after the soaking period, so it will look great.

If you see that they begin to harden quickly wet a piece of cotton with acetone and return it to moisten. Then we will take care of giving a good shape to our strange natural nails. We will use the nail clippers to give uniformity. With long and smooth movements, always towards the same direction, we will use the polishing block to equalize the surface.

Finally we give ourselves a good wash with soap. It only remains to apply a little moisturizer to our hands and that's it!

We have already learned how to remove acrylic nails at home with acetone

How to remove acrylic nails without acetone

We know that many of you prefer to keep as far as possible from the harmful chemical compounds.

So we bring you two techniques to remove acrylic nails without acetone.

For this, make sure you have the following at hand:

  • nail clipper
  • files
  • polishing block
  • chopsticks and scissors for cuticles
  • moisturizer

We start by cutting the tips of the acrylic. Then we use our polishing file to remove acrylic from our nails. To do it correctly we have to follow a series of guidelines:

  • work one at a time
  • use smooth, long and firm movements
  • work until leaving only a small remaining layer
  • be careful not to damage your natural nail

Next we will use the cuticle stick to lift (with great care) the edge of the acrylic nail. The next step requires some skill and patience.

We introduce the scissors in the hole we have lifted with the toothpick and begin to cut the gel. We have to go little by little. We raise a little, we cut. We raise another bit, cut, etc.

Finally we use a polishing pad to retouch the result and we give a good layer of moisturizer that never hurts.

With dental floss

Let's start with the most curious technique of the trio.

To be able to remove acrylic nails with dental floss we will need the following materials:

  • floss
  • nail clipper
  • files
  • moisturizing cream (super important)

Using a cuticle stick, we lift the lower edge of the acrylic. Next we introduce the thread in the hole. Our partner will have to gently slide the thread towards himself. For this you will have to make a saw movement. Make sure he does not do it too fast. We repeat the process with all our nails. Once we have finished we use a polisher to make the final touches and give a layer of moisturizer and enjoy our new manicure!

Warnings and tips to remove them without pain

If you see that after several attempts you are unable to take them off yourself you should go to a professional manicurist. You will save yourself pain and effort.

Always put your health first. If you notice something is wrong, go to a doctor. Remember that acetone is flammable. Do not take unnecessary risks. Use a glass container. If you use one of plastic you can get to spoil it completely.

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