Foot Care Versus Foot Relaxation – Ways To Treat Your Feet Right Without Any Hassle

We all know how important the first impression is, hence everyone's struggle to always look good. Whether it comes to a smooth skin, a clean face, shiny hair or immaculate nails, all these things can reflect over your everyday life. However, many ladies tend to overlook their feet for an obvious reason – they're not always visible. But then, if you keep ignoring your feet forever, chances are you will not be able to improve them overnight for those special occasions when they will be visible. Therefore, regular care is essential for good looks and hygiene.

There are multiple ways to treat your feet right. They require special attention because they carry you throughout the day – thousands of steps on a daily basis. If you also wear high heels, their proper “maintenance” is not optional, but imperative.

What You Need to Know About Foot Care

It's important to reach to a professional salon every once in a while, but this procedure is expensive. Instead, you can invest in some skin and nail products and care for your feet at home on a regular basis. The salon is a good idea when you feel like having a spa day though. All in all, it's highly recommended to exfoliate your heels and soles at least once a week to prevent corns, skin thickening and cracking. What else?

Main Procedures in Foot Care

Put some warm water in a large bowl and squeeze a lemon in it. Dip your feet and enjoy. Not only it feels good, but it also protects your skin. If your skin is cracked, you can put lemon juice directly on the affected area. Lemon juice is a natural acid that helps dissolving dead and dry skin. Removing it becomes a breeze. You can also look up online and find the best foot bath for your problem.

Clean your heels regularly with a stone to lose dead cells. When dead cells are gone, skin feels soft again. It no longer looks dead, but pink. Besides, all these dead cells prevent the skin from breathing. Once they're gone, your skin will start regenerating.

The more you research, the more care products you'll find. For example, there are numerous heel creams as well. Opt for a product with vitamins A and F, as well as wheat germ oil. This mixture protects and feeds dry skin. Moreover, it reduces the bacterial growth around the area due to its antiseptic properties. Other ingredients to look for include sage and savory natural oils. Whatever you choose, massage it until the cream is entirely absorbed.

If your feet hurt, a massage becomes the best remedy. Moisten your feet in warm water, then dry them and massage them with a cocktail of olive oil and a few drops of eucalyptus essence. Massage each toe individually, then your soles and ankles. Use massage rolls to stimulate the blood circulation too.

As a short final conclusion, foot care tends to be more about relaxation than actual care. It does become a necessity every once in a while though.

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