Easy Nail Hacks For Beautiful Nails – How To Do It Like A Professional Stylist

Your hands require a special treatment at least once a week. After all, manicure becomes an important element for every lady out there. Not everyone has the time and budget to go to a salon on a regular basis though. Fortunately, you can do it at home. Learn how to clean your fingernails the right way, but also how to treat them and maintain them in the best possible shape, especially when applying polish or gel. Here are a few easy nail hacks for beautiful nails to help you obtain the ideal manicure!

Always Use a Base

This is the #1 rule of a perfect manicure. It's not just about the durability of your manicure, but also about protection and removal. The base is protective and prevents potential stains from the polish. At the same time, it makes cleaning polish much easier. Besides, use a nail cleaner (vinegar works too) before applying the base coat. Nails look better, while the application is smoother. Even if you use the best gel nail polish out there, small particles will still affect its application if your nails are not clean.

Use an Old Fashioned Lip Gloss Brush

Forget about ear sticks or “specialized” brushes to apply and remove polish. This is nothing but pure marketing. As for ear sticks, they're just inefficient. Most people (including professionals) use them to remove the excessive polish around nails. You don't want it on your cuticles because it will affect the application. This isn't the best idea though. Instead, find an old lip gloss, get its brush and clean it well. It's by far the most efficient tool to do it.

Avoid Fast Drying Top Coats

The top coat is transparent and meant to protect the polish, but also to give your nails a good shine. Do avoid those products that dry fast though. They're advertised to save you time – 2 minutes maybe. They dry fast only because they dehydrate your nails.

When you do your own manicure at home, just give yourself slightly more time and use a regular coat. However, if you're in a rush, put your hands in cold water when you finish and you'll instantly obtain the “fast drying” effect.

Apply Thin Layers

You probably imagine that the thicker the layer, the more durable your manicure is. Wrong! If you really want the color to look deeper, just apply three thin layers instead of one or two thick layers. This way, your nails will dry fast and you'll skip the unwanted effect of stained sticky nails.

Lose the Acetone

This is by far the most common nail polish remover out there. It dries your nails and skin, not to mention other unwanted effects that persist throughout the day. In a world where more and more people try to avoid harsh chemicals, you'll find a series of cleaning products based on other substances.

In conclusion, the best nail products on the market will work wonders on your nails only if you know how to use them efficiently.

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