All about French manicure

The French manicure is a technique born in Paris that is characterized by the combination of a natural rose nail base and clean white tips.

This is quite similar to the natural aspect. However, the result is much brighter and "perfect." This is achieved by using white enamels and very light pink shades.

This manicure is a style born in the last century and is still cool. Many women from all over the world have chosen to do it and surely if one day you give it a chance you will love the clean and natural style it brings.

We have written an extensive article where we will try to tell you everything you need about the style that has stylized French nails for years. Below you have a table of contents that will help you get oriented.

The origin of French manicure

We can estimate the birth of a primitive version throughout the seventeenth century. However, it achieved fame throughout the happy 20's.

As you probably have noticed, its primary virtue is the simplicity, neat and natural aspect.

Before launching to investigate French manicure, it is essential to know that its price is usually much higher than other techniques. We recommend you go to your manicurist and be informed of the number of possibilities and you will surely find some style that fits you.

If you have decided for a French nails, you've made an excellent decision! It is one of the most stylish designs and the investment is worth it.

The Boom of French nails

The true "boom" of the this manicure occurred in 1975. As it is possible to imagine, the French nails was quickly adopted by all the actresses of the moment, and the rest is history.

Types of French Manicure

Now that we have introduced the technique, we will move on to a couple of practical examples that surely will catch you much more attention.

As we discussed earlier, the French manicure is probably the best option when it comes to showcased natural nails at all times, as well as being a classic style while sophisticated. What differentiates this technique from the others is the natural color that is given to the base of the nail and the finish in a clean white, being very similar to the appearance of a natural nail. Today we find a wide variety of techniques to perform the manicure. Every one of them has its advantages and disadvantages, but we are going to discuss what we believe is one of the simplest ways to give a touch of color to our hands, specifically the two-tone style.

Two-tone French manicure

The strong point of this design is its simplicity, so you can try to do it yourself at home and expect good results.

First of all, we will need transparent self-adhesive washers. You can find them on any stationery and, I am sure that if you look through the old school material, you will see some that will serve you. Once you have the washers, paint your nails and let the polish dry. Once the enamel is completely dry stick a washer over each nail, leaving only the tip free. Then you just have to choose the color of nail polish that best matches the base and paint without fear because the washer will prevent you from staining the rest of the nail. As you can see the circular shape of the adhesive makes the final part with a professional touch and you do not need to be an expert to do this. It is a fresh and straightforward method to show off a beautiful homemade French manicure.

If the previous style was a classic known by all, then we bring you another even bigger classic that has become fashionable again: the half moon.

Half Moon French Manicure

The basic idea is very similar to the two-color method; it is so similar that we will need the same materials. Apparently, we will introduce some small changes in the process to obtain a different result.

First of all, we will place the washers precisely the opposite of how we used them in the previous method. We cover only the area surrounding the cuticle leaving the rest of the nail exposed. Then choose a color and paint over the entire surface. A small tip, it is always much better to choose a color that contrasts with the base of nail lacquer. Wait until it dries and you will have your precious half moons. Easy, right? The colors are your choice.

Experiment with tone combinations until you find the style that best suits you.

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