All about French manicure

French manicure is one of the most famous nail arts that comes directly from Paris, and it is a combination of natural rose nail base coat and a clean white tip.

This particular design is a similar interpretation of natural nail aspect. The result is a uniform design and a perfect nail polish applying. You will have to use white nail polish and soft pink nail polish.

The French nail art is a concept that has appeared in the last century, and its popularity is still increasing due to the grade of simplicity and elegance that it offers to the wearer. Women from all over the world are choosing to wear it day by day, and even in critical moments of their lives like the wedding day.

The goal of this article is to provide you with all the things you need to know about French manicure before choosing it for your daily life. Here is a table of contents to keep you posted.

The French manicure origin

There is said that this particular nail style has appeared in a primitive form somewhere in the seventeenth century, but its peak was only in the 20’s, so two centuries later.

As you probably know, the simple idea behind this manicure type is simplicity and a beautiful natural aspect of your nails.

Before we dive into the mysteries of a French manicure, you will need to know that if you want to get this nail art, you will have to pay more than the other designs. We advise you to go to your nail technician and get some ideas of what possible manicure you can get, and then decide on the style that suits your personality.

If your final decision is French nails, then you have made a fabulous choice! This is one of the most elegant and stylish nail arts, and it is well worth the money.

The French nails boom

This manicure “boom” happened late in 1975. Since the television and movies industry was setting the trend, it is clear that once actresses have adopted the French style nails have become popular all over the world.

French Manicure styles

Since we already talked about the technique, we will now move forward to the practical examples that will keep you focused.

The French manicure is one of the best options when it comes to fructification the natural nail aspect. It is a classic style that will make any woman look sophisticated. One of the things that makes this technique different from others is that the natural color will be applied on the nail base and the finish comes as a clean white which is similar to natural nail tip.

Nowadays there are many ways to create this manicure. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, yet we will discuss one of the easiest ways to color your nails in the desired two-tone style.

Two-tone French manicure

The bold side of this manicure is to create sophistication by using the simplicity and naturalness of the natural nail. You can even try it at home and create something beautiful.

The first step is to provide the scotch tape. You will quickly find them in any stationery or even in your old school material if you still have it in your home. When you find them, use it to cover the tip of your nails and then paint the rest of the nail with your favorite nail polish. After the nail polish dries, take off the scotch tape from your nail tip to paint it too. Cover the rest of the nail and then paint the nail tip with white nail polish. Once the nail tip is dry, you take the scotch tape off and enjoy the brand new look for your nails. As you can see, you don’t have to be a professional to do French manicure at home. You need patience and details attention to make it right.

Half Moon French Manicure

The main idea is super similar to the two-color method, so similar that it will need the same materials which are a good thing. However, there will be some small changes in the general process to obtain a different result than the previous one.

The first step is to use the scotch tape to cover the area surrounding the cuticle so that the rest the nail is exposed, and ready to be painted. Choose your favorite color and paint the entire surface of the nail. As a bit of advice, it is better to use a contrasting color to the lacquer you are using on the base of the nail. After it dries, you will see your precious half moons – super easy. Choosing the color is when your creativity steps in. You can select any duo you like.

French manicure has many things to offer, and you can enjoy it by experiencing all kind of new ideas. Enjoy!

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