6 Overlooked Secrets About Maintaining Your Fingernails In Perfect Condition

Most ladies dream about long and strong nails, yet their dreams often fall apart when they realize that's not possible. If your only job is to post on social media and hang out with friends, you might be able to do it though. But then, the modern woman is involved in a series of activities. Plus, many ladies have thin nails that exfoliate too fast. No matter what you use to keep them good looking (polish or gel), it's important to know how to clean your fingernails the right way and maintain them in a perfect condition.

Natural Remedies

A lemon is probably the best natural remedy to clean and maintain nails. Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice and a glass of water, then moisten your nails. Sometimes, you can just grab a slice of lemon and gently rub it over your nails to strengthen them. Olive oil is just as handy – rich in vitamins A and E, which have regenerating properties.

Apart from natural remedies, it's critical to clean and care for your nails responsibly. They're often overlooked, yet their sensitivity requires special attention. Your nails suffer whenever you use acetone or do dishes. While some ladies have exfoliating nails, some others have crumbling nails. In this case, nails are fragile and break fast. What do you do then?

Useful Tips to Maintain Nails

Use the best nail products you can find, but especially a hydrating cream. Use it whenever you wash your hands. Massage each nail individually and don't overlook cuticles. You can also use olive oil instead of creams. It has healthy vitamins and minerals that boost the health of your nails.

Always use protective gloves when you do dishes too. Not only water is usually hard, but cleaning products are rich in chemicals that damage nails. It won't happen overnight though. However, with time, nails lose their resistance.

Don't keep your nails wet. Although you feel like you need your hands wet sometimes, your nails will suffer. Keep in mind that wet nails represent the perfect environment for fungi growth. The affected nail becomes yellowish and breaks down overtime.

Cuticles are just as important in terms of health. Experts don't recommend cutting them off. Don't push them too much towards their roots either. Push them back a little, but not too deep. Adjusting them will affect the surface of your nails, leading to losing the natural barrier that protects against bacteria. Invest in the best cuticle oil you can find for a more efficient protection. Furthermore, there are specific oils that lower or even prevent the growth of cuticles.

Sodium bicarbonate is a cheaper option though. Dip a clean towel in sodium bicarbonate and massage cuticles to remove them. The substance is slightly corrosive, so do it gently or you risk irritating skin.

As a short final conclusion, cleaning your nails doesn't require any training. Stick to the basics, but implement a few extra tips to make your job more efficient. Results will become obvious in the long run.

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