5 Remedies for weak and broken nails

I receive many messages to ask me solutions for the open and layered brittle nails.

The truth is that there is not only one cause, but they can depend on several factors.

In order to find a solution to this problem we will analyze the possible causes. Each case will be different.

Causes of broken nails


Stress is one of the most determining factors in the peeling of the nails. It can also cause them to become very fragile and open or break.

Controlling this type of problem is usually more complicated than just using a nail treatment. If this is your problem I recommend that you go to the medical specialist, do relaxation or yoga exercises and feed yourself correctly.

Continuous contact with water or cleaning chemicals

Well for our work or for being housewives, if we are in constant contact with water and cleaning products our nails will end up suffering. I recommend washing and cleaning always with gloves.

Dehydration or poor nutrition

Drinking lots of water and continuously hydrating our nails and cuticles help in an amazing way.

It is also important that if we do not have a very balanced diet (it is known that these days not everyone has time to cook as before) we use iron supplements with biotin and nails. Use a special oil to regenerate and hydrate the cuticles.

Unprotected nails

When we paint our nails very continuously we must be very careful in the choice of glazes. They must be 3free, 4free or 5free, what does that mean? without toluene, camphor, camphor resin, formaldehyde or DBP.

It is very important to choose a nail polish remover without acetone, as it is an abrasive ingredient. The base is also a very important choice. It is essential to always use it to protect our nails, to avoid the yellowing that can be produced by some pigments and chemicals present in the enamel.

In addition many bases have ingredients that besides protecting help strengthen and treat our nails.

The metal files are the least suitable, avoid them.

Poor filing

There are certain types of files, such as metal files, which aggravate this problem in depth by not leaving the nail well sealed. I use a file of 100 to reduce the nail and then a very fine grain to seal the tips.

It is very important that you never use scissors to cut your nails. The files should always be handled by filing in a direction, never changing from one direction to another. In this way you will help protect the tips, a fragile part of the nail.

There is no single remedy for this problem, which sometimes tends to be very persistent. My recommendation is to let the nails breathe and not paint them often when this happens. Analyzing what may be the factors that may be affecting us is perhaps the most important. Once we have located them, we must put into practice the advice that I have mentioned and be constant, very constant.

5 Remedies for broken nails

  1. Choose a good nail base
  2. The nail base protects our nails against the pigments of the enamels and against external agents. Always carry a base is very important, even if we do not wear the painted nails is essential to apply the transparent base equally.

  3. Take a proper diet
  4. Everything we eat is very important for our health but is reflected especially in the skin, hair and nails.

    To have healthy nails it is necessary to hydrate properly, take many fresh vegetables that provide essential vitamins for their growth. Above all vitamins A and B are important.

    For vitamin A we recommend liver pate, paprika, sweet potato, carrots, pumpkin, lettuce, melon ... Vitamin B is found in walnuts, salmon, liver, egg yolk, canned sardines, avocado, kale .

    Also take many legumes, rich in iron and iodine.

  5. Always wear gloves
  6. Although we believe many times that we do not need them, it is not like that. Whenever you are going to scrub or clean you should wear gloves. Prolonged contact with water is one of the main enemies of our nails, not to mention cleaning products, very abrasive for hands and nails.

    The gloves are the best ally of an authentic nail maker. And if you also combine them with a good base of nails they will be much more protected.

  7. Biotin Shot
  8. Biotin is nothing but vitamin B7, B8 and H. Actually we can find it in foods such as egg yolk, vegetables, nuts and blue fish. What happens is that with the current pace of life it is often difficult to eat a healthy and balanced diet. That's why we can find biotin in supplements in pharmacies.

    Consult your doctor before taking vitamin supplements.

  9. Do your manicure regularly
  10. Doing your manicure is a way to keep your nails stronger and healthier. That is why it is important to properly file both the tip of the nail and its surface. Push the cuticles gently (never cut them) and eliminate stepparents with extreme care. The dead skin we have around the nail becomes stepfathers when they become infected and we should never let that happen.

    If you do not know or cannot do your manicure regularly go to a professional salon at least once a week. You will see how gradually your nails and cuticles improve a lot if you dedicate a time each week.

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