5 Remedies for weak and broken nails

Many people are writing to me to ask for an idea on how to repair open and layered brittle nails.

The factors that bring you to this condition are multiple.

We will be going to analyze the possible causes, and each case is different.

Possible causes of broken nails:

  • Stress
  • Stress is one of the most decisive factors in peeling your nails. It can also cause the fragileness and breaking of your nails.

    Trying to fix this cause of the problem can be more complicated than it may seem. It may need more than a nail treatment. For a secure treatment of this case, don’t hesitate and go to a medical specialist.

    Repeated contact with water or cleaning chemicals

    Being a housewife involves lots of work and contact with water and cleaning products which may lead to issues in nails health. You don’t have to wash or clean without gloves.

  • Dehydration or poor nutrition
  • Drinking a lot of water in a day is an essential thing for your general health, not only for your nails. Your cuticles will thank you for drinking water too. Not having a suitable diet is another issue for your nails health. Therefore a balanced diet will increase your nails health.

  • Unprotected nails
  • Painting your nails for a long term can damage the nails health. You have to be very careful at the type of nail polish you choose: there are 3 free, 4 free or 5 free which means without toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, camphor resin or DBP.

    Another important thing is to choose a nail polish remover that doesn’t contain acetone because it is abrasive and it will damage your nail layers. Also, use a quality base coat to prevent your nails from yellowing. Try to use some products that contain ingredients that protect, strength and treat your nails.

    Try avoiding metal files.

  • Poor filing
  • There are multiple types of files, yet metal files increase the damage of your nails by leaving the nails not sealed. The best idea is to use a file of 100 that has a very fine grain to seal your tips.

    Essential advice is never to use scissors to cut your nails. Also, you may want to hear that the files must the handled by filing in the same direction. This small tip will help you protect your tips which are the most fragile part of the nail.

    This problem tends to be very persistent, so you need to be very careful at the factors that may lead to nails issues.

Here are five remedies for broken nails:

  1. Choose a suitable nail base
  2. The nail base acts as a protector for your nails against the nail polish pigments or other external agents. Always use a base before actually applying the nail polish.

  3. Have a proper diet
  4. We are what we eat, aren’t we? Well, this said can be seen in the way our nails, hair and general look is. For healthy nails, we need to get hydrated, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that will provide the required vitamins to the nails. The most important vitamins are A and B.

    Vitamin A can be found in liver pate, paprika, carrots, sweet potato, pumping, melon, while vitamin B comes from salmon, liver, walnuts, egg yolk, avocado.

  5. Always wear gloves
  6. We don’t usually wear gloves when we should do so. Cleaning, scrubbing, washing are a few moments when gloves are required. Due to prolonged contact with water the nails will get hurt. The gloves are the best way to protect your nails from external agents.

  7. Biotin shot
  8. Biotin means vitamin B7, B8, and H. We can easily take them by eating egg yolk, vegetables, nuts, and bluefish. If we don’t eat these aliments, we can easily find biotin in drug stores. You should consult your doctor before taking any supplements.

  9. Do your manicure regularly
  10. Doing your manicure is a simple way to keep your nails stronger and healthier for an extended period. It is essential to file the nail tip and its surface in a proper way. The cuticles don’t need to be cut but pushed back with extreme care.

    When you aren’t 100% sure on your strengths, you should go to a professional even if we are talking about your nails. For proper care go to your nail technician once a week, and you will notice an improvement in your nails and cuticles look.

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