10 Manicure tricks you'll love to know

Your nails look have a direct connection to your personality and sometimes even to your mood. Although trends may show eccentric nails that come in different shape or size, the best look for your nails is the one that makes you feel comfortable. You can keep them clean and healthy with a simple manicure. It all depends on you.

Professionals in a salon often create stylish manicures, and they usually last for two or three weeks, but with a few tips, you can get the same performance at home at a less expensive rate. You need to be patient, careful and handy.

The first rule when it comes to your nails health is that they need to be treated before getting an issue and the cuticles deserve just the same attention amount. To be sure, you may want to visit a nail professional at every 15 days for treating your nails against fragility and brittleness. Once you make sure they are healthy, you will get them to maintenance once 20 or even 30 days depending on their condition.

Painting your nails at home is not difficult anymore if you know a few steps that we will discuss in the following lines. Be careful at every step and follow the instructions exactly how they are written.

Do you usually go to work or college wearing the best nail polish you have at home? Are you trying to get the best look for your nails since you don’t have the time to go to a fancy salon? If you answered “yes” to previous both questions, then you have to pay your highest attention to the following ten life-changing tips:

  1. Correctly remove the nail polish
  2. Every beautiful manicure starts with removing the nail polish you wore for the last days. An excellent looking result means proper nails cleaning and preparing them for the next style. Therefore, you will have to use a cotton disk that you usually use to remove your makeup, soak it into nail polish remover, and press it on your nails until the nail polish is removed.

    Feel free to repeat the process as many times as needed to get crystal clear nails before adding a new nail polish. If you have gel nails you should know that you can remove it in seconds by covering your nails in a cotton pad, then an aluminum foil, then ally to remove the gel.

  3. File the nail only in one direction
  4. Filing your nails is an essential part of the process because the nails are easy to break or even open in layers. You have to be careful not to use two or more directions when filing. It is recommended to use an electric nail file, or a cardboard files or even wood ones, and ditch the metal ones.

    Your nails can have any shape or length you want as long as you like it. When the nail length is more significant than you want, carefully clip the nails using a nail clipper that you previously cleaned using alcohol. For a neat finish, you are free to use the file we talked.

  5. Prepare your nails for nail polish
  6. Regular use of gel polish may harm your nails leaving them fragile and easy to chip. To protect them you must take good care of your cuticles by using a cuticle oil before actually painting the nails. You can apply it and leave it active for a couple of minutes. Next, you will push the cuticle using an orange stick, and then remove the extra skin from the sides of the nail. Contrary to what people usually do, cutting the cuticle is not safe or recommended for your nails because it will only make them grow stronger or you can get nasty infections.

    Next move is washing your hands before using a neutral nail hardener that doesn’t contain formaldehyde. The ingredients this product contains are meant to prevent cracking and fracturing the nails. A thin layer of this substance can be used as a base coat.

  7. Correctly apply the nail polish
  8. We are getting to the most exciting part of the process: applying the favorite nail polish. Although nail polish is great in any color, don’t overuse it by utilizing more than two layers on your nails. Using more than two coats of your nail polish will look gross on your nails.

    A professional homemade manicure can be achieved with just three brush moves: one in the center and two in the sides of the nails. Always apply the nail polish from the base to the nail tip in a thin first layer and a more abundant one on the second time.

    Choosing the nail polish color should be something that represents you and your personality. You can easily combine it with the color of the lipstick or clothes tones. The last part of applying the nail polish is to use a thin layer of a clear top coat on your nails. This layer will help your nails polish avoid chipping and last longer than usual.

  9. Use Vaseline to prevent getting out when painting the nail
  10. Painting your nails may not be the favorite activity to do in your free time because you always put the nail polish even on the edges of your nails, so the skin is painted too. It’s not attractive at all and removing it can make you swear like a man. To avoid this unwanted situation, you can try putting some Vaseline on your nails before starting the painting. The grease this product contains will keep the nail polish away, and you will correctly paint your nails.

    When you don’t have any Vaseline in the house, you can use glue – that glue children are using in school to put the paper together. Once the glue is dry, you can safely paint the nails and then remove the glue.

  11. Use stickers to show off a perfect manicure
  12. You can create at home your favorite nail art by only using nail stickers. The very first thing you will need to do is to push the cuticle with that orange stick we already talked about, and apply a protective base coat. After that, you will paint your nails with the desired base color of your sticker, then let it dry for some minutes. It’s time to use the stickers you love so much, so put the stickers on your nails, and they press them using your finger to eliminate any air bubble. If the stickers are not fitting your nails, just cut them in the shape you need. Lastly, apply a top coat layer.

  13. Cold water to dry the nail polish
  14. Everybody wants to paint the nails fast and dry them even quicker. It’s not an utopia anymore. Drying your nail polish can be done by using a simple thing: cold water. Placing your hands in a bowl of ice and water for a couple of minutes can do miracles. If you don’t like cold water, you can use cold tap water for the same fantastic result.

  15. Avoid bubbles by shaking the nail polish bottle
  16. To avoid the bubbles in your nail polish bottle, shake the bottle before using. Another good idea is to put a few drops of nail polish remover into the nail polish before using it and shaking it very well. Even old nail polish bottles can become usable again if you drop some nail polish remover inside the bottle and shake it well.

  17. Deposit your nail polish in a cool place
  18. A cool place means a drawer that is entirely closed, a makeup or even a manicure case. If you don’t have such a cool place you can always use your fridge: before applying the nail polish, you can keep it for a few hours in the fridge, and it will preserve its qualities.

  19. Make the Top Coat a must-use of your manicure
  20. Once you have cut, protected, hydrated your nails, you finally come to using the Top Coat everybody is talking about. The Top Coat is the last step in creating your homemade manicure. Its goal is to make your nail polish look better, last longer, and finally, but not last: protect your nails.

    Slowly apply it on your nails and use the brush gently, so there are no marks. One or two thin layers are enough, yet for a professional finish, you can even apply a drop of special oil on your nails. By following these simple ten tips, your nails will stay healthy, and you will quickly get the beloved manicure you long wanted.

A homemade manicure may sound scary and challenging, but in reality, if you know the steps we talked in previous lines, there will be no unexpected things. You don’t have to go to a salon to get the dream nail art. Save your money and invest it in things you can use at home for your friends and you.

Creating a complete manicure is essential to your nails health, but you should always keep in mind that your nails should breathe once a week between manicures. By taking this small break you can check your nails for any irregularity or issue, and your nails will be and look healthy!

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