10 Manicure tricks you'll love to know

Nails are reflection of the personality of each girl, it is not necessary to be long or decorated with striking tones. It is enough to be well cared, healthy and strong.

We know that a complete manicure is a matter of professionals, however, for those commitments that arise at the last minute, we share this post with some tricks and manicure tips that you can perform in the comfort of your home.

By mastering the technique to treat the nails and the cuticle you will be surprised of the results and the little time you will need for your hands to be in order. Just remember to perform a complete manicure with an expert every 15 days if your nails are fragile and brittle. And from 20 to 30 days if they are healthy and only require maintenance.

Therefore, with all these steps, we will review the steps you must follow to paint your nails at home and get a professional result.

Are you one of those girls who like to combine their best nail polish with the attire of the day? Or your work schedule prevents you from going frequently to the beauty salon?

If your answer was an energetic yes! Then continue reading to learn how to paint your nails correctly with these 10 tips:

  1. Remove the enamel correctly

Take a cotton, moisten it with nail polish remover and press it on your nails until the previous tone is removed.

Repeat this process as many times as necessary. If your varnish is a dark color you can easily remove it by covering the nail and cotton with aluminum foil, an ally to remove the nail polish.

  1. File the nail in only one direction

Move the file along the contour of the sheet following the characteristics of the nail. It is important to file it in one direction, so you will not break it or open it in layers. Use files made of cardboard or wood and discard those that are made of metal.

The shape and length of the nails will depend on the morphology of your hands, so if you consider that they have an excessive length, use a nail clipper to clean it with alcohol and then proceed to cut the nails. Then, give a more neat finish using the file.

  1. Prepare your nails for enamel

First, a cuticle oil should be applied and leave it to act for a few minutes. Then, you should push the cuticle with an orange stick and remove those portions of skin protruding on the sides of the nail. The ideal is not to cut the cuticle because they will grow stronger.

After the previous step, wash your hands thoroughly to apply a neutral nail hardener, that is, without formaldehyde. The components of this product prevent cracking and fracturing during filing.

It is advisable to apply a thin layer of the hardener if it is used as a base enamel.

  1. Apply the nail polish correctly

And now apply your favorite nail polish. Remember not to paint the nails with fat layers of enamel.

If you love doing the manicure at home and you are looking for a professional result, apply the nail polish with three brush strokes; the first in the center and then on both sides from the base to the tip of the nail. The first layer should be thin and the second layer a little more abundant.

The color of the nail polish should be in harmony with your personality but you can also combine it with the tone of your lipstick, the rouge and the style of your clothes. You can bet, for example, the tendency of nails with mirror effect in silver and gold, which will be perfect if you combine it with your accessories.

Finally, apply a layer of clear lacquer or top coat on the nails, so avoid leaving the enamel on all sides and make your nails dry faster.

  1. Use petroleum jelly to avoid getting out when painting the nail

It has happened to all of us that while we paint a nail, the enamel comes out around the edges and is not attractive at all.

So that this does not happen more times, put a little Vaseline around your nails, because the grease in this product repels the enamel.

If you do not have Vaseline on hand, another simple trick is to apply glue, that is, the glue used by children in schools. Also apply a little of the glue on the edge of the finger. When dry, decorate the nail and remove the glue.

  1. Use stickers to show off a perfect manicure

A nail art made by yourself can be colorful and eye-catching just by using practical nail stickers. They come in different colors and designs, go for them!

The first thing you should do is push the cuticle with an orange stick and apply a protective enamel base. Then, paint your nail according to the base color of your stickers and let it dry.

Now, although the stickers for nails come with an adhesive you can use adhesive glue to enhance its durability.

When sticking the stickers on your nails, press them with your finger to eliminate possible air bubbles. If necessary cut and file the stickers to give a better shape. Finally, apply a drying or top coat varnish.

  1. Cold water to dry the nail polish before

A trick to accelerate the drying of your enamel is to place your hands for two or three minutes in a bowl with ice and water. This will make your polish last longer.

You can also use cold tap water for a couple of minutes and you will get the same result.

  1. Avoid bubbles by shaking the enamel pot

It is important that before using any enamel you shake it well, so that when you paint the nail do not form the annoying bubbles.

Another option is to use a few drops of thinner if the varnish is a little dry. A few seconds later you will get an enamel like new.

  1. Deposit your enamels in a cool place

As a cool place we understand, for example, a drawer that is tightly closed or a cosmetic case, whether it would be makeup or manicure.

If in addition, a few hours before applying it, keep it in the fridge, your enamel will be perfectly preserved and ready to use.

  1. Make the Top Coat a must of your manicure

Once you have cut, filed and hydrated your nails it is time to use your Top Coat.

It is the basis with which you will start doing your manicure and its purpose is to protect your nail.

Apply it slowly on your nail, remember to brush gently so that no marks remain. With one or two layers is enough. For a professional finish apply a drop of special oil for your nails. With these 10 simple tricks and manicure tips there will be no excuses to have perfect nails.

You can do these steps at home, it will only take a few minutes and we know that you will be satisfied with the results when you do not have the time to go to a beauty salon.

But, just as it is important to perform a complete manicure every so often, remember that you should let your nail polish breathe for a week, between manicures and manicures. In this way you can see if your nail has any irregularity or deformity and correct it, your nails will thank you!

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