10 Essential tips for the beauty of your hands

December is often called the gifts’ month because we get the advice to care and share more than we have done in the rest of the year. Caring about your hands or your loved one's hands is a beautiful gift idea which leads to some essential tips.

The beauty of your hands can be easily improved and maintained by following a couple of steps. We are using our hands every day, and they send an impression to everyone we meet and talk. Believe it or not, they act like a business card that can make others think we are provocative, elegant, feminine, classy or other things.

We decide the impression we want to leave people by the way we care about our hands. It’s not always about the money we spend on creams or other miracle oils. There are simple ways to make the hands look young, nourished, happy.

Here are the ten essential tips for the beauty of your hands that everybody should know:

  1. Exfoliate
  2. Exfoliating is the most straightforward tip one person can get. You will have to make time for your hands at least once per week and dedicate it to removing the dead cells to make your skin look lighter. This step is vital for the absorption of the creams and lotion you will use in the next step.

  3. Hydrate and nourish
  4. Every day our hands are affected by the cold temperatures, heat exposure, the air conditioning, the city pollution, and the repeated hands washing we all do. Have you noticed that in the winter your hands' skin is becoming tight and dry? To avoid this, you will have to provide them with the minimum care every day. You can walk with cream in your bag, but the ideal idea is to use it before going to sleep so that it will be fully absorbed into your skin.

  5. Do not cut your cuticles, try pushing them instead
  6. The first idea is not to cut your cuticles; you need to let that thought go. It is not healthy to cut your cuticles, and you get easily infected this way. They are there for a reason: to protect your nails. Using an orange wood stick, try pushing your cuticles near the nail after taking a shower. Your nails will have a bigger surface to apply nail polish and it will adhere quicker.

  7. Try to file better instead cutting
  8. Your nail clipper is not always your most significant friend because it can break the layers of keratin. You might want to consider using the file instead. More than that, the finish you can get with a file is not to be compared to what a nail clipper has to offer.

  9. Give your cuticles a massage
  10. You may not know, but the cuticle massage improves the blood circulation in the area and it will also stimulate nail growing. It is recommended to use cuticle oil or a nourishing cream for noticing an improvement in your nail health.

  11. Base coat is a must
  12. Nails tend to show multiple problems like dryness, brittleness, easy to crack. To overcome these problems, it is essential to use a base coat before actually applying the nail polish you like. This coat will protect the nail, fix the nail polish while making it last longer and maintaining your nails health.

  13. Go to a professional at least once per month
  14. A professional’s services is worth all the money! You can get an advice on what products to use, what services are best for your needs and desires, how to take a good care of your hands and especially nails. More than that, don’t you love having some time for yourself?

  15. Cold and sun protection
  16. Both the cold season and the sun are dangers to your skin. You need to use sunscreen to protect yourself. During winter it is recommended to use extra hydration and if possible, take paraffin baths.

  17. Use best nail products
  18. Your nails health is directly influenced by the type of products you are using. You don’t necessarily have to use the best products on the market which may be more expensive than you can afford, but try to find quality, not quantity.

  19. A balanced diet
  20. Do you know that old saying that we are what we eat? Well, it’s kind of true. The food we eat can cause several affections and imbalances that will show in your nails or hair health. You should aim for a balanced diet that provides all the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy.

All these being said, I hope that reading this article has taught you new things that will make your hands look and feel great. It is up to you to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

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