10 Essential tips for the beauty of your hands

December is gifts month and, how could it be otherwise. We want to end this year sharing with all of you the essentials of beauty for hands.

Let's not forget that we use them to communicate, to present ourselves or to attract attention. They are our best or worst business card. They can make us feel elegant, special, provocative, beautiful, classy, feminine and a thousand other things.

It's not about spending a fortune on miracle creams, complicated remedies or grandma's recipes. It's simply about adopting the right gestures and knowing a little better how I can easily help myself to take full advantage of my potential.

So, without further ado, we go with the 10 essentials of beauty:

  1. Exfoliate:
  2. At least once a week to remove dead cells excess and make our skin more luminous. At the same time, this makes all the active ingredients of creams, lotions penetrate better and is therefore more effective.

  3. Hydrate and nourish
  4. Our hands suffer daily the external aggression caused by the cold, the heat, the air conditioning, the pollution, the frequent washings ... do you not see that in winter you have the skin of your hands especially tight and dry? It is essential that we give them a minimum of care. If you are not one of those who walk with the cream in your bag, the ideal would be to apply it before going to sleep.

  5. Push the cuticles and avoid cutting them:
  6. The cuticle is the skin that covers the nail and protects it. It is important to differentiate the cuticle from the eponychium. Yes, I know that this little word sounds weird but I promise to tell you all about it later. Stay only with that it is better to push it than to cut it, ideally when leaving the shower. You will see how your nail gains in surface and your nail polish grabs better.

  7. File better than cutting
  8. Unless it is a substantial length cut, our advice is to use the file and not the nail clipper. This tends to break the layers of keratin and can sometimes be unpleasant. In addition, the finish of the nail clipper cannot replace a beautiful form of filing.

  9. Massage the cuticles
  10. The cuticle massages allow activating the circulation of this area and stimulate the growth of the nail. If we also use cuticle oil or nutritious cream, the quality of our nails will improve exponentially.

  11. Always use a base coat:
  12. Nowadays there are bases for each type of problem: dry, brittle, fine or soft nails. The important thing is to always use one, especially if you apply color later. The base coat protects the nail, fixes the nail polish, makes it last longer and keeps our nails healthy.

  13. Put yourself in the hands of a professional at least once a month:
  14. Because we worth it! Yes, a professional can always advise us on what products and services would suit us, guide our choices and take care of our hands and nails. Also, do not we deserve a little pampering from time to time?

  15. Protect from cold and sun:
  16. Use sunscreens that protect our skin from the harmful effects of the sun. And in winter, provide extra hydration. An extraordinary treatment is paraffin baths.

  17. Use best nail products:
  18. Not always the most expensive is the best but it is important to have a minimum of discernment and invest in quality products.

  19. Balance the diet
  20. Should I remind you that we are what we eat? All kind of afflictions and food imbalances first manifest through the condition of our nails and our hair. A balanced diet keeps our PH balanced and provides all the necessary nutrients for us to be healthy.

I sincerely hope that all this information has helped you and above all that you understand the purpose of this article. Like everything in this life, it only depends on each one of us to achieve or not what we propose.

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